KWNC Attaches Great Importance to Mental Health of Teachers and Students and Holds Various Lectures on Emotional Pressure

  • The hosts assist students to apprehend the concept of pressure through playing games

  • KWNC holds lectures on “How to Cope with Emotional Pressure”

For the new academic year, in order to raise teachers and students mental health awareness, help fresher to adapt to college life swiftly, and assist other students to be back on track with studying, Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) held four lectures on "How to Cope with Emotional Pressure" in August and September 2019 for year 1 to year 4 students of the "Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme (BSN)". These lectures were hosted by Kiang Wu Hospital Psychotherapist Ip Hong Nei (葉康妮) and KWNC Part-Time Counsellor Lam Wing Ian (林詠欣).

Through presentations and games, the speakers introduced common sources of stress to teachers and students, depicted manifestations of personal emotional instability, general stress responses, and listed several common stressful events to illustrate physical and mental effects involved. The lectures also provided several straightforward methods to relieve stress, encouraging teachers and students to pay more attention to their own emotional changes and make timely and appropriate adjustments.