KWNC Provides Handling Dementia Techniques Training to 700 Police Officers

  • The Chairman of Macau Alzheimer’s Disease Association, Doctor Vai Man Chi teaches students to identify dementia

  • Assistant Professor Lei Wai In interacts with students

In order to response to the Macao SAR Government’s dementia policy, and to promote a “Dementia Friendly Community”, the Public Security Police Force (CPSP) invited the College and the Macau Alzheimer’s Disease Association to hold ten lectures of “Dementia Thematic Training for Police Officers”. 700 police officers participated.

The lectures were held at Pac On Immigration Department Building Auditorium, on the 3rd until 14th August 2020. The trainers were doctors, nurses and research staff with dementia domain professional qualifications. The participants could study about the symptoms of dementia, there were cases sharing and communication skills learning etc. It also enhanced individual’s ability in identifying dementia patients, comprehending the seriousness of patients lost in the community and providing timely assistance and appropriate handling.

Since the training commenced last year, 986 police officers were trained, and it was well received. In the course survey, the results indicated that they needed to increase dementia awareness, therefore, the College continued to collaborate with CPSP to provide related training, in the hope that police officers could utilise their knowledge gained and apply it in the frontline, identify dementia patients accurately and provide safety and timely protection to the patients.