President Van Iat Kio’s 2020/2021 Opening Ceremony Speech

  • President Van Iat Kio hopes that nursing students to be diligent and to persevere

Honourable Vice-Chair of the College Council Ms. Ung Pui Kun, Director Assistant of the Nursing Department of Kiang Wu Hospital Mr. Wong Chi Wa, distinguished guests, teachers and students,    

Good morning, today is the College’s Opening Ceremony for “Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme (BSN)” “Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Nursing Programme (PDAN)” “Master of Nursing Programme (MN)”. After a peaceful and harmonious summer holiday, I am glad to attend the Open Ceremony with every student for the new academic year. 

The outbreak of the coronavirus had a huge impact on the society, economy, and people’s livelihood in the world, similarly Macau is affected. Since the Lunar New Year, the College has been adjusting the mode of lessons and clinical studies. Non-essential activities and large gatherings were suspended. Therefore, the ceremony today is conducted onsite and online simultaneously, these changes made us feel that the few college wide events held in a year were particularly precious. The epidemic has changed our learning methods greatly, after the suspension of face-to-face teaching, with the Special Administrative Region (SAR) Government’s principle and guidance of suspending classes without suspending learning, the College’s staff were trained and online teaching materials were created promptly. After lessons resumed there were intensive group tutorial and nursing skills training. Frequent communications were established with superior departments, clinical study bases, students and parents, in order to resume clinical study as soon as possible. With students that do not have the condition to go to clinical study, laboratories had been set up as clinical study environment for them. For the two students from Hubei, who were unable to return to Macao, our teachers had arranged for them to participate online and perform clinical studies in the Mainland. With the abovementioned arrangements, we had turn impossible into possible, which fully reflected the College and the teaching team’s attachment of great importance to student’s education. It is hoped that the impact of the pandemic on learning arrangements and effectiveness will be minimised. In this period of time, students exerted their efforts in their studies, they also concentrated very well no matter in online lessons or during participation in laboratory or in clinical studies after class resumption. We can see everyone’s desire for learning, which is encouraging. With the relentless efforts of the teachers and students, the last academic year was completed successfully.

Currently, there are 22,500,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and the epidemic had caused 790,000 deaths, the pandemic had conveyed a crucial message, without a doubt, it is the importance and the professionalism of medical and nursing staff. More than 40,000 medical and nursing staff were heroes in harm’s way and went to assist in Hubei. Nearly 70% of them were nurses, among them, mostly were severe cases, respiratory infection and dialysis specialist nurses. During the process of fighting the disease, not only remarkable skills are needed, yet also the ability to provide confidence and power to patients in combating the disease is required, their professional commitment is even more invaluable and worthy of admiration and learning. In today’s Opening Ceremony, there are freshers and current students, they are students of bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and postgraduate diploma programmes. Every student’s ability to grasp and recognise nursing knowledge and nursing profession is different, however, our original aspiration of choosing to be a nurse is the same. Macao plays an essential role in fighting against the novel coronavirus. In this academic year, there are the total of 387 students in various higher education programmes, among them 317 are BSN students, 87 of them are new students, for the seven PDAN specialist subjects, there are a total of 21 students, among them 10 are freshers. There are the total of seven specialist subjects, including child and adolescence, kidney disease, diabetes, geriatric, severe cases, palliative and cardiac nursing. There are the total of 43 students in the MN programme, in which 13 are new students. For the Nursing Professional Master Degree Graduate Student Programme (NPM), there are the total of seven students. No matter you are in which programme, we are a team, a team that dedicates to contribute to the public’s health. To achieve this objective, everybody needs to exert their effort, the course contents of the four-year degree programme are rich and intensive. We must be diligent and persistent. The students for master’s degree and specialist subjects take further studies, work and look after their family at the same time, you also need to concentrate, work hard and persevere. Nursing is not a straightforward profession. Yet its significance is immeasurable. Your efforts made today are not only for yourself, but also for the health and well-being of mankind. I am proud of your choice of being a nurse. The College has a century history of pedagogy. Our alumni devoted themselves to nursing work in Macao and different countries and regions, and they made great achievement. Today, we will have one alumni who participated at the frontline of combating the epidemic to share his experience with us later on.  

Macao SAR “Health Professionals’ Qualification, Practice and Registration System” will be in effect from 1st July 2021, which means that after the graduation, year one to year three BSN students here today should participate in relevant clinical studies and examinations required in order to achieve professional qualifications. The College will exert all efforts to arrange for the year four students to complete the course in May 2021, to obtain the graduation certificate and hunt for an employment, and also register in accordance with the current system.    

Evaluation is one of the mechanisms to ensure and enhance the quality of the College and its programmes. Pursuant to the Higher Education Regime evaluation system’s requirements, the College will conduct a program review and nursing education accreditation in the end of November. At that time, all teachers and students will participate in them. Relevant training will be arranged later, I hope that the college will have great team spirit, and perform well together in this programme evaluation. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to Kiang Wu Hospital and the nursing department for their enormous support and coordination regarding this programme evaluation. In response to the pandemic, the new campus at the Islands District Medical Complex, has been used by the government as a temporary quarantine facility, we will provide updates on the new campus as soon as there is more information.  

For the new academic year, I hope all teachers and students will continue to be fully committed, united and work together to face a more challenging future. Now let us all hope that the epidemic will end soon, the society and the livelihood of people will return to its original state. I wish all guests, teachers and students good health, happy family life and achieve great results academically. Thank you all.