99 Graduates Attend KWNC Graduation Ceremony All Graduates Employ by Kiang Wu Hospital

  • KWNC hosts "2018/2019 Academic Year Graduation Ceremony"

  • Graduate representatives deliver speech

  • Chair of College Council Lau Veng Seng

  • Chair of College Council Lau Veng Seng confers bachelor’s degree certificates to graduates

  • 99 KWNC graduates

  • KWNC hosts 20182019 Academic Year Graduation Ceremony

  • Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of Macau Tam Chon Weng

  • President Van Iat Kio

Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) held the "2018/2019 Academic Year Graduation Ceremony" on 21st September 2019. 57 fresh graduates of the "Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme (BSN)" and 31 "Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Supplementary) Programme (BSNS)" were awarded degrees and graduation certificates. 11 graduates of "Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Nursing Programme (PDAN)" were awarded diplomas and nearly 50 scholarships were awarded. All fresh bachelor’s degree graduates had been employed by Kiang Wu Hospital, and more than 90% of them have started working.