KWNC Suggests to Create a Mutual Aid Network for Caregivers to Prevent Overwhelming Pressure

  • Assistant Professor Lei Wai In & Lecturer Wong Ion Hong.

Based on the statistics of Statistics and Census Services, the trend of ageing in the Macao society continues to rise. Moreover, due to the impact of the epidemic and family finance, there seems to be overwhelming pressure on caregivers of seniors, which may lead to the emergence of senior abuse.

To ease this pressure, Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) provided the following three suggestions: 

Utilise social resources, increase temporary care services and community nursing.

Assistant Professor Lei Wai In said that, in addition to spiritual and nursing technical supports, caregivers also required services such as temporary care and community nursing to reduce their pressure.

Continuous training to improve caring skills, confidence, and ability, in order to reduce psychological stress.

Through continuous training, caregivers can learn coping skills, improve their caring ability, have a better understanding of various social resources that can provide help, increase their confidence and ability in caring, and reduce their personal psychological pressure.

Establish Carer Mutual Aid Groups to provide emotional support, exchange information and express needs.

Based on experiences in senior care work in Japan, Lecturer Wong Ion Hong said that there were Mutual Aid Groups organised by carers to provide spiritual and psychological supports in Japan. These are what Macao seems to lack.