KWH, KWNC and TWGHs Sharing Ideas on Seminar: “Clinical Specialist Nursing and Education”

  • Three organizations exchanging latest nursing and education information from Macao and Hong Kong

“Clinical Specialist Nursing and Education" seminar, which was co-organized by Kiang Wu Hospital (KWH), Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) and Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs), was held at the   lecture   theatre   of   the college on the afternoon of May 8.  Representatives from three sides delivered speeches on five medical care issues about which society are highly concerned.  Through this seminar, parties participated expected to learn the latest medical care information in both Hong Kong and Macao, to discuss the issues about clinical nursing and nursing education, as well as to accelerate the development of medical care between the two regions.
The key-note speakers of the seminar included: Lai Yuk Wah – senior nurse manager of Kwong Wah Hospital, Wong Ka Wai – ward manager of Tung Wah Eastern Hospital, Lau Lai Sin – senior nurse of Tung Wah Hospital, Ng In I – advanced specialist nurse of KWH, Ieong Hong Iong – first grade nurse of KWH and Au Mio Leng – lecturer from our college.  Their speeches covered 5 topics: “Occupational Safety and Health: Safety Management System”, “New Management Trends of Diabetes”, “Continence Care”, “Analysis of Violence in Medical Care Personnel's Work Place in Macao” and “Simulation Training Course for Newly Graduated Nurses”.

The Seminar was divided into two parts, in which six guests shared experiences within their own academic domains.   Senior nurse manager Lai Yuk Wah introduced to us their safety management system in Hong Kong in the first half, the contents of which included the improvement of infection control methodology and the mechanism of crisis management etc..  The speaker exchanged his thoughts on how to deal with the problems between nurses and patients, during which, his interaction with the audience was vital and effective.  Thereafter, advanced specialist nurse Ng In I, together with ward manager Wong Ka Wai, introduced the current development of diabetes management in KWH and Tung Wah Eastern Hospital.  Lecturer Au Mio Leng gave a brief introduction of adopting the high fidelity simulation (HFS) education in nursing programmes and the effect thereof.  She indicated that more and more nursing courses have started implementing the HFS education to train the students' abilities of analysis and thinking.  And she would gather feedback from students on a regular basis, so as to optimize the arrangement and accelerate the learning effectiveness.  Senior nurse Lau Lai Sin and first grade nurse Ieong Hong Iong gave speeches too over the continence care methodology in the second part of the seminar, which revealed the Hong Kong patients' attitude of facing urinary incontinence, and the mental and psychological effects on nursing staff caused by workplace violence in Macao.  Speakers brought up the significance that nurses must pay high attention to team spirit and patient-orientedness in their nursing work.  The job of nurses is very close to people's daily life.  They use their professional nursing knowledge to solve problems that are crucial to patients' health.  Nurses play an important role to human's health.

Twenty more members of the TWGHs attended this seminar, which had attracted more than a hundred and twenty nursing personnel to participate, including the representatives from Health Centres and Homes for the Elderly, as well as faculty members and students from KWNC.