Macao Taiwan Higher Education Forum: Specialists and Scholars Exchanging Ideas about Higher Education Quality Assurance and Talent Cultivation

  • College representatives with Taiwan delegation at conference hall of Macao Science Centre

  • Representatives from our college, Macao Tertiary Education Services Office and Taiwan

  • President Van Iat Kio introduces to guests our college

  • Dr. Ng Wai I introduces the nursing laboratory to guests

  • College representatives and Taiwan delegation in a meeting

  • Group photograph after the meeting

The 1st Macao Taiwan Higher Education Forum – “Exchange of Ideas About Higher Education in the Context of Talent Cultivation”, organized by Macao Tertiary Education Services Office, co-organized by Macao Higher Education Members Interchange Association, was held at the conference hall of Macao Science Centre on 30th November, 2014.
Fifty specialists and scholars were invited to this forum, discussing and exchanging their views on higher education and talent cultivation in Macao and Taiwan. In the afternoon, one of the parallel sessions entitled “Quality Assurance of Higher Education” was hosted by our college. Vice-president Xing Zhi Hong as the key speaker, President Van Iat Kio, Professor Zhu Ming Xia, Associate Professor Leong Sok Man, Assistant Professors Ng Wai I and U Wai Ang shared their opinions on the process and mechanism of quality assurance establishment, which mainly covers the following fields, operation and achievement of quality assurance, effective learning of students, career and future development of graduates, quality assurance to the continuing education of in-service nurses etc.  The attendees actively responded to the above stated and exchanged their ideas about the interconnection of curriculum design and learning effectiveness of students, the enforcement of internal and external evaluations, measurement of students’ core competence and establishment of higher education evaluation mechanism etc. On the other hand, Taiwan experts shared their precious experiences and opinions with all the attendees, gave them directional suggestions.  It benefited the instructed party a great deal.

All scholars joined the tour to Kiang Wu Charitable Association Museum after the forum ended.  This tour enabled the scholars to have deeper understanding of the development of the association, which has lasted for over a hundred years.  The contribution of the association to Macao has gained them great admiration.

The next day, the group of Taiwan scholars, led by Wong Hong – Acting Director of the Macao Tertiary Education Services Office and her colleague Teng Siu Hong, Chu Chun Weng – President of Macao Higher Education Members Interchange Association and the council member Loi Hoi Ngan, Yang, Kuo Shih – Head of the Taiwan delegation, Chair Professor of Asia University and Director of the Taiwan Higher Education Association visited our college. The college administrative committee showed the guests around the campus first, and Dr. Ng Wai I – Programme Leader of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) took over to introduce them the nursing laboratory and the features of teaching.  After the tour, college representatives and Taiwan delegation together had a friendly dialogue. President Van Iat Kio presented an overview of college, running characteristics and the curriculum to guests.  Both parties exchanged their opinions over the topics of talent cultivation, social requirement, teachers’ professional development, graduates’ development and living quality of the elderly in an aging society like ours, etc.

Both sides took some group photographs after the meeting.  This visit of the Taiwan delegation not only has established a strong connection between higher educational institutions of Macao and Taiwan, but also has carried forward the academic exchange and cooperation of higher education between two parties.

The Taiwan delegation which have joined the Macao Taiwan Higher Education Forum including, Yang Ying – Professor of Tamkang University and General Secretary of Taiwan Higher Education Association, Yang, Kuo Shih – Chair Professor of Asia University and Director of the Taiwan Higher Education Association, Wang Bao Jinn – Vice president of University of Taipei and Former Director of Taiwan Higher Education Evaluation Centre, Yan Ruo Ying – Professor of National Taiwan University of Arts, Shao Zong Hai – President of College of Social Science, Chinese Culture University, Feng Guo Hao – Professor of Kun Shan University, Li Kong Zhi – Professor of College of Social Science, Chinese Culture University, Wang Ai Ling – Vice president of College of Liberal Arts, National Sun Yat-sen University, Dai Jing Xian – Professor of National Sun Yat-sen University, Liao Guang Yuan – Professor of Chinese Culture University, Zheng Ying Jie – Assistant Professor of National Taiwan Sport University, Dr. Dong Zhi Lin working for both Chinese Culture University and Macau Research Centre, Chen He Xian – Professor of International College of Studies, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Zhou Zhu Ying – Professor of National Chengchi University, Wang Ru Zhe – Principal of National Taichung University of Education and Former CEO of Taiwan Higher Education Evaluation Centre, Huang Yueh Chun – Professor of National Chiayi University.