KWNC Promotes Long Term Care in Ningbo City


The “11th World Congress on Long Term Care in Chinese Communities”, hosted by the Association of Long Term Care in Chinese Communities and organized by the Ningbo College of Health Sciences, was held from 30 October to 1 November 2014 in Ningbo City. The Congress brought together nearly 500 experts and scholars from the United States, Korea and the four regions across the strait to discuss on the theme of “Health Services for the Elderly — Modernization, Professionalization, and Multiculturalization”. Four representatives of KWNC presented their papers at the Congress, introducing the College’s researches and initiatives of promoting Macao’s long term care services.
The World Congress on Long Term Care in Chinese Communities has been held annually since 2002, aiming at fostering the development of long term care services across the Chinese communities. KWNC served as the organizer of the 4th and 10th Congress and were applauded for its successful organization of the two conferences. Like previous years, KWNC shows active participation in this annual event by delegating Professor Zhu Mingxia, Deputy Executive Officer of Research Management and Development Planning Group, Associate Professor Leong Sok Man, Executive Officer of Education Department, Associate Professor Hu Xiao Xia and Lecturer Lei Wai In to this year’s Congress. The representatives presented four papers, namely “Tackling the Ageing Society: A Study on the Demand and Planning for Macau Nursing Manpower”, “Evaluation of a Self-management Program for Community Elderly with Chronic Disease in Macao”, “Correlation between Active Ageing and Chronic Disease of Community Elderly in Macao” and “The Most Severe Common Health Problems Affecting the Life Satisfaction of Community Elderly in Macao”.