Teachers from Hunan University of Medicine, Xiangyang Vocational and Technical College Come to KWNC for a Study Visit

  • Audit at the nursing class

  • Observe student practicing the nursing operation

  • Zhang Yan (right) inspects the clinical teaching class

  • Visit the elderly day care centre of Macao

  • Photo with nursing specialists from the elderly day care centre of Macao and nursing students from KWNC

  • Exchange teachers from Hunan, Hubei with teachers from KWNC at the sum-up meeting

Four teachers respectively representing the Hunan University of Medicine and Xiangyang Vocational and Technical College – Zhou Lanying and Wang Guimin, Zhang Yan and Tu Jinyu – visited Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) in early April for a month-long exchange studies. During the stay, they have audited some classes of bachelor degree programme; visited the Nursing & Health Education Research Centre (NHC) and the nursing laboratories; inspected the clinical teaching in Kiang Wu Hospital and community; participated in workshops, Distinguished Lecture, Pinning and Cap Conferment Ceremony etc. Meanwhile, they used their after-class time to travel around the city, observed and felt the life of local people, which could help them to get know of the profound history and cultural legacy of Macao, as well as the nursing education development of KWNC.

Though the four teachers have extensive experiences in nursing education, they still engaged in every subject in exchange programme with modest attitude, and they also gave feedbacks to our college after the one-month exchange study. They reflected that the clinical studies that throughout the four-year curriculum was referable. Letting the nursing students take part in clinical study consecutively since the early stage of study can intensify their ability to combine the nursing knowledge and skills, further to which, it effectively boosts up their sense of professionalism and self-confidence. Besides, they commented that the great balance between students-teachers relationship and friendship when teachers get along with students can encourage student to consult their teachers while encountering any problem, which can also conduce to the mutually respectful relationship between the two parties. Moreover, the exchange teachers highly appreciated student's attitude toward study. They complimented the student for their perseverance as well as the earnest mind to the nursing profession. Ms. Zhou, teacher from Hunan said, the nursing students stayed at the laboratory to practice the nursing operation day and night even on holidays, she reckoned that the reason why they worked so hard was not only because they needed to deal with the examination within the course, but also because they sincerely had learnt from their clinical study that, the nursing operation which involves human life cannot go wrong for even once!
KWNC had already received teachers of institutes from Hunan and Xiangyang for short-term exchange study, in which, the College had gained objective and professional comments on the curriculums, as well as the praise to the teaching philosophy “From Personhood to Benevolence”. The two institutes sent teachers to KWNC for a study visit can accelerate the development and progress between each party, enable each side to listen to more precious ideas from the peers in different regions.