Death is a necessary stage for everyone. Influenced by Chinese culture, we often avoid the discussion of death and have little chance of being educated and reminded of the proper handling of life and death. To receive life and death education and learn to encounter death-related items enables us to face up to death, cherish everything we possess now and live well in the moment in the face of death with a healthy mindset. Compared with Taiwan and Hong Kong which are also influenced by Chinese culture, Macao is a late starter in launching life and death education, mainly in the forms of lectures and activities but a scientific system has not been formed yet. Since 2013, Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) offered "life and death education" as an elective subject for nursing students. At the same time, cooperating with community organizations, the College has participated in community activities and promoted life and death education, conducted relevant studies to lay foundation for life and death education's development in Macao. We hope to make every effort to provide life and death education for the general public and lead multi-faceted and diversified activities with the research-based life and death education of the College.