Social Support & Benevolence Scholarship Foundation

In order to raise support from social figures, teachers and students to care and support Macao’s nursing education development, KWNC established the “Benevolence Scholarship Foundation (BSF)” in 2006. The foundation aims to espouse philosophy of benevolence and care, through providing scholarships and grants to encourage aspiring teenagers to study nursing and join nursing profession. The first funding of BSF came from the balance of previous donations made by various warm-hearted social figures over the years. KWNC have received tremendous support and contributions from enthusiastic persons and institutions to enable the foundation to continue its development. BSF serves as a specified appropriation of KWNC for fixed purposes to all students under unified administration.

1.   Support local students to study nursing and improve professional exchange and foreign language skills through scholarships and grants.
2.   To help outstanding students from underprivileged areas in the Mainland to come to KWNC to study nursing, and to spread nursing professional knowledge to their places of origin and serve the society.

1.    Grants 
nSponsor outstanding students from the Mainland with financial difficulties to study nursing at KWNC, and spread their nursing professional knowledge in their places of origin and serve the community. 
nTo subsidise local students from local families with financial difficulties to study nursing and encourage them to complete their studies and devote themselves in the nursing professions.

2.    Scholarships 
To select and grant scholarships to students who are of good conduct, excellent in learning and clinical practice, with benevolent and serving spirit as well as both competence and integrity based on the College’s scholarship assessment standards. 

3.    Promotion of Nursing Professional Development
Students are encouraged to participate in the following activities to broaden their vision and achieve the purpose of holistic education: 
n Clinical study or clinical exchange study outside Macao 
n Advanced study in biliteracy and trilingualism 
n Conferences in the domain of Medical and Health Sciences 
n Student-volunteered or college-organised visits to remote regions

1.    Put the donation in the donation collection box at the entrance of KWNC.

2.    Or deposit the donation in the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Account of KWNC: 

001-270941-020 (MOP) / 001-270941-025 (HKD) 
Please fax the bank receipt, organisation or individual’s name to KWNC, fax: 28365204.
Or email abovementioned details to Ms. Fu, email: .
Or submit the donation in person to Ms. Fu of the Finance Division, tel: 82956268.