2021/2022 Academic Year Student Dormitory Fee

1. Dormitory Fee

Dormitory fee for the whole academic year (12 months in total): is ranged between MOP11,400 – 21,000 (according to the type of dormitory assigned to the student). This fee shall be paid in two instalments. 

2. Deposit

Students are required to pay a deposit equivalent to one month of dormitory fee when they first check-in and stay in the dormitory.

3. Remarks

1. New students are required to bring their own bedding, including mattress, duvet, duvet for air-conditioning temperature, pillows, bed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, etc.
2. Residents’ monthly electricity, water, internet and cleaning charges shall be shared by boarders staying in the apartment unit.
3. If any public items are lost or damaged, the boarder responsible must pay the relevant fine, and the College has the right to deduct the amount from the deposit for the lost or damage.

4. Important Notes

1. There are unified arrangement and assignment of dormitory rooms by KWNC Campus Management & Development Department.
2. All students who had confirmed to stay in the student dormitory must accept and abide by all the terms and conditions in this dormitory fee information.
3. Once payment is made, all fees are non-refundable or non-transferrable (for any reason).
4. Any bank charges are borne by the student.
5. The dormitory fee may be adjusted every year pursuant to the College’s latest announcement.
6. For all disputes related to dormitory fees, the College has the right of final arbitration.