The Life Journey Experience Pavilion is located on the fourth floor of the Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) Campus at the Islands District Medical Complex.

It has the title sponsorship of hardware construction by Wynn Care Foundation, and it is named Wynn Care Life Journey Experience Pavilion.

In terms of professionalism, the Pavilion is the first professional exhibition hall for nursing and Comprehensive Health in Macao. In terms of education, it has the function of training and education, providing professional education for students at all levels. In terms of academics, it can appropriately display scientific research output of the College and in terms of society, it can provide experiential learning and popularise professional knowledge.

The Life Journey Experience Pavilion was built to meet the needs of future developments of the College, to cope with the appropriate socio-economic diversification of Macao, and to develop Comprehensive Health industry.

According to the College’s Ten-Year Plan for 2020-2030, it is planned that more resources will be invested in research and social services, and more efforts will be made to promote the socialisation of the concept of Comprehensive Health.

Through the Pavilion, the College will better promulgate nursing knowledge and health information through teaching, research, and social services. Consequently, it will have a more positive impact on the Macao society.

1. Teaching: experiential learning of a combination of nursing and health theories.
2. Research: to develop related research projects through the demonstration and study of equipment.
3. Social service: to provide experience and assessment of the life cycle to the public.

In accordance with the life cycle of human beings, the Life Journey Experience Pavilion is divided into five areas, namely, childbearing (Embarking), child and adolescent (Flourishing), adults (Blossoming), senior (Benevolence Glowing) and death (Homecoming).
Each of these areas is equipped with corresponding models and teaching aids, which help to reconstruct the software and hardware of the life journey experience.
These enable students of different levels to deepen their knowledge and understanding of various stages of life with learning activities. At the same time, the Pavilion will gradually promote the concept of Comprehensive Health to the general public.