Overview of KWNC

Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC), founded in 1923, is a subsidiary institution of Kiang Wu Hospital Charitable Association (KWHCA). Evolving from the former Kiang Wu Nursing and Midwifery School, KWNC has undergone a long and tortuous development process of nearly one century, accredited to the painstaking effort of many of both the old and new generations.
In 1945, Director of Kiang Wu Hospital Dr. Ke Lin took up the position of school principal, and whose rigorous student education management has facilitated the nursing school’s rapid growth. In 1956, the brothers Mr. Ho Tim and Mr. Ho Yin contributed funds for the construction of “Cheng-Kai Memorial Hall” as the new school building which has remained since.
In 1991, the school started recruiting graduates from senior secondary schools and receiving partial financial support from the Macao Government, leading to the gradual improvement of the schools’ teaching and learning condition. In 1994, students’ academic qualifications received the first ever validation from the Government. In 1997, the “Higher Diploma in Nursing Programme” was developed and started to run in 1998 subsequent to the evaluation and approval by a validation panel composed of international nursing specialists. In November 1999, the school was recognized by the Government as a private higher education institution, while on the 16th of the same month, the school was upgraded to “Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau”, heralding a new era of Macao’s higher nursing education.
Graduation Ceremony 2005/2006
In view of the increasing needs for enhanced nursing services of the developing society, a nursing programme in bachelor’s level is necessary to meet the trend of the times. As a result, KWNC launched the “Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Programme” with the approval from the Macao SAR Government in September 2002. In an effort to align the curriculum with international standards, nursing education experts from the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil and Hong Kong were invited to conduct a validation on the BSN Programme within the College in December of the same year. Later on, a mid-stage validation was performed in 2009 and the Programme received full recognition from the validation experts. In order to dedicate to the training of a great many advanced specialist nurses, KWNC launched the “Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Nursing (PDAN) Programme” in collaboration with the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong in 2008, following which in 2010, the “Master of Nursing Science (MNS) Programme” was established in collaboration with Sun Yat-sen University in pursuit of bringing Macao’s nursing education to another new height.
KWNC lays emphasis on humanistic care and multicultural education to cultivate qualified nursing talents who strive for competence and integrity. In addition to equipping students with professional nursing knowledge and skills, the College puts a premium on the holistic nurture of students. Prompted and supported by the Board of Directors of the College, the “Benevolence Scholarship Foundation” was established in 2006 to put into practice the College’s benevolent and caring notion through encouraging the aspiring youth to pursue nursing studies and devote to the nursing career by virtue of scholarships and grants.
The College could not have grown up fast without the affiliation with the mother country and international circles. A number of academic exchanges and collaborative projects have been fulfilled these years with universities and health care institutions of Macao, Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland and overseas. In addition, graduating students have been given opportunities to broaden their vision and get exposed to different cultures by performing exchange clinical studies in the Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and other overseas countries since 2005.
With the view of promoting the academic research development in nursing and health sciences, KWNC founded the periodical “Macau Journal of Nursing” in November 2001. The Journal aims at boosting the development in nursing and health sciences, enhancing the quality of nursing techniques and nursing education, and reviewing the nursing development in the new epoch. In September 2004, the newsletter “The Echo of Health and Nursing” was launched to share information, promote health care knowledge, and enhance communication between College departments, staff members, faculty and students.
In an effort to strengthen the College’s integration of teaching, researches and social services as well as to act in line with the key policies of the SAR Government, KWNC began making preparations for the establishment of the Nursing & Health Education Research Centre in Academic Year 2006/2007, and has launched a series of research and education projects after the inauguration of the Centre in September 2012. The “Benevolence Lights up my Later Life: A Tailored Meta-programme to Face with Ageing Population in Macau”, initiated in April 2011, is one of the programmes launched under the Centre. Serving as a comprehensive education system accomplished through cross-disciplinary, cross-professional and cross-functional collaboration, the Programme has been achieving fruitful outcome since its initiation.
In recent years, KWNC has undertaken a number of research projects commissioned by the SAR Government, of which, the “Research on the Long-Term Care Needs of the Elderly in Macao”, “A Ten-Year Plan for the Nursing Manpower in Macau”, “The Study of the Visual Acuity of Primary Students in Macao” and “A Ten-Year Plan for the Community Nursing Manpower in Macau” have been completed and published.
Looking ahead, KWNC will demonstrate continuous dedication to the nurture of quality nursing talents and keep up effort to advance the level of Macao’s nursing education. Moreover, it will make commitment to backing up the long-term care services of Macao by launching various professional training and researches.