Concept of New Campus Design

As a part of the Islands District Medical Complex, the new campus will be adjacent to the Islands District Hospital. The design of the new campus will embody the characteristics of nursing care where the “people-oriented”, “energy conserving and environmental friendly” features, as well as the elements of modern education and information technology will be well incorporated. Everywhere in the campus will be simple, tidy, comfortable, safe, easily-accessible and aesthetic that reflects the caring for human health and the harmonious integration between human and nature. With the view of manifesting the philosophy of modern education, the new campus will be closely connected to the Hospital and the community by operating as an “open” campus where the close communication and connection with the community can be assured and the goal of building the “community of learning” can be achieved. In addition, the campus will introduce the element of information technology to fully enhance the College’s level of information, comprehensive strength and modernization in pursuit of connecting the College to the world and elevating its international competitiveness.