Philosophy, Objectives & Mission

To keep up Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s philanthropic and beneficent spirit, uphold Kiang Wu’s tradition of caring and devotion, and develop the educational philosophy of “From Personhood to Benevolence”.
To cultivate nursing and health sciences professionals who believe in the philosophy of “From Personhood to Benevolence” and show dedication to the nation and human health by creating new knowledge, caring for and benefiting the local communities.
To implement the objectives and educational philosophy of the College through setting up a multi-tiered and compound system of programmes that centres on nursing science in coordination with other health disciplines. Adopt the three-in-one policy of “Professional Education”, ‘Holistic Education” and “General Education” for preparing nursing and health sciences professionals who “Strive for Competence and Integrity, Serve with Professionality and Care”, and endeavour to develop a local foothold as well as an international vision.