The Philosophy of Nursing Education
The main body of the logo resembles the letter “N” that represents “Nursing”, which is in the shape of two combined Chinese characters of “Ren” (人meaning person) leaning against each other like an image reflected in a mirror.
The “Ren-Ren” figure signifies person to person relationship and the spirit of caring that arises from the interactive relationship between “nurse and nurse/health worker”, “nurse and client” and “nurse and society”. The reflection of the Chinese character “Ren” also signifies the state of wellness in an ongoing and dynamic process through human interaction and mutual support. In the course of people’s mutual caring, it brings forth the core spirit of nursing, evolving from “Personhood” into “Benevolence” and “Dedication”.
The green curve in the middle forms the centre of the letter “N” and symbolizes dynamic life. It shows the interaction between different parties within the environment. The blue portions symbolize nursing students while the orange flame symbolizes the light of health in one’s life as well as the spirit of caring that passes from generation to generation.
The figure is embedded in a world map as its background. The centre of which shows the location of Macao, an east-meets-west society that has cultivated nursing within a unique multi-cultural setting. The blending of the figure with the background symbolizes that nursing is universal and sans boundaries, and that it merges knowledge, technology and culture to form the distinctive educational ideology of “From Personhood to Benevolence”.