Melody: Koo Kar Fai       Lyrics: Li Seng Chun
   中山精神   博愛濟群
   The spirit of Dr. Sun, great love for the public
    鏡湖奉獻    薪火傳真
   Kiang Wu is dedicating, to keep up the fire forever
   Hold the billions with our love
   Let our love merge into their hearts
   白衣天使    凌雲壯志
   Angels in white, with noble morale
   Sing loud and clear, glorify the blessings of medical care
   Anybody who is sick, shall be carefully treated
   Anybody who has trouble, shall be warmly guided
   愛生命    保安康
   Have great love for life, have great eagerness for healthcare
     護理永放光芒     永放光芒
   Nursing shall shine forever, shall shine forever