Teaching & Learning

In pursuit of the fulfillment of social responsibility and teaching quality assurance, the College, in the absence of statutory requirements of the Macao Government, takes the initiative to conduct four successive programme validations by inviting internationally renowned scholars across different countries and regions as reviewers.
In 1997, the College launched its first on-site programme validation by inviting the Hong Kong Polytechnic University as consultant and organizing a validation panel composing of nursing experts from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Taiwan and other countries. The College passed the validation and was approved to establish the “Higher Diploma in Nursing Programme” from September 1998.
2.  In 2002, the College commissioned the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to review its three-year “Higher Diploma in Nursing Programme” and the result showed that the programme had reached the required standards.
3.  In 2002, in preparation for the establishment of the four-year “Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme”, the College invited four renowned scholars from Scotland, Hong Kong, Australia and Brazil for an on-site validation and obtained a pass.
4.  In 2009, in an effort to continue enhancing the quality of the “Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme”, the College invited a nursing expert to review the programme by offering comments on the College’s self-prepared report. The expert acknowledged the programme’s teaching quality.
5. In 2015, KWNC initiated a reform in the two existing Bachelor's programmes, namely "Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme" and "Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Supplementary) Programme". During the process, outcome-based curriculum and student-centred learning activities were implemented, and internationally-renowned experts were invited to review the revised programme definitive documents. Moreover, nursing experts from Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, Mainland China and Thailand were invited to conduct quality review for the two programmes respectively. The programmes' design, teaching and learning quality were fully acknowledged by the experts, showing that the programmes are continuously enhancing.