Teaching & Learning

In accordance with the educational philosophy of “From Personhood to Benevolence”, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme (BSN) aims to nurture students into nursing professionals who strive for competence and integrity to meet the expectations of society and the profession.
Upon completion of the Programme, the graduates will be able to:
1.  Demonstrate respect, understanding and care to clients during professional practice.
2.  Provide holistic nursing services to individuals, families and communities by applying their nursing skills. 
3.  Acquire basic knowledge in applied scientific research and participate in activities that enhance their professional development.
4.  Apply appropriate communication skills and build up cooperative relationships with clients and other nursing professionals of different backgrounds.
5.  Possess self-management ability, make good use of resources, maintain and facilitate a high quality service environment and system. 
6.  Abide by laws and ethical principles during professional practice and undertake responsibilities for the nursing services they provide. 
7.  Meet the requirements of society and the profession through continuous learning and reflection. 
8.  Acquire academic and professional qualifications to work as practising nurses in the Macao Special Administrative Region (Macau SAR).