Teaching & Learning

   Programme Aims
1.  In accordance with the educational philosophy of “From Personhood to Benevolence”, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme aims to nurture students into nursing professionals who strive for competence and integrity to meet the expectations of society and the profession;
2.  The programme fosters students to be advocator and promoter of health while enhancing their personal growth and professional development.
   Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILO)
   Upon completion of the Programme, the graduates will be able to:
(1)  Apply theories of biomedicine, humanities and social sciences to assess, interpret and handle clients’ health needs;
(2)  Employ evidence-based principles and nursing procedures to provide individuals, families and communities with appropriate and safe nursing care under the direction of holistic nursing and caring;
(3)  Identify potential and existing health problems, implement health education and promotion activities;
(4)  Build up effective therapeutic relationship using suitable communication means and skills in professional practice;
(5)  Implement nursing plan independently and collaboratively with other health care professionals to achieve team goal;
(6)  Make good use of resources, demonstrate responsibilities and problem-solving ability in professional practice;
(7)  Exhibit ability to perform systematic planning and evaluate nursing outcomes;
(8)  Demonstrate ability to abide by laws and code of ethics of nursing practice and be accountable for one’s own nursing behaviours;
(9)  Develop abilities of reflection and lifelong learning to meet social and professional expectations continuously;
(10)  Demonstrate critical thinking and basic ability to apply research findings, explore and identity factors contributing to high quality services;
(11)  Show insight of cultural diversity and possess the vision of local, national, as well as international perspective.