Teaching & Learning

Each credit in the programme is equivalent to 15 study hours while each hour equals to a 50-minute contact time. However, the actual study hours are calculated according to the mode of teaching and learning nature of the subject.
  Lecture: Seminar: Tutorial/Self-directed learning: Laboratory/Visit: Clinical study
=    1   :     1     :                     1                      :         1.5         :       2.5
Students’ Self Study Hours
Self-study of students is the essential component of this programme and it includes the reading of subject materials and preparation of assignments. The ratio of class hours and assignment hours is about 1:2. As a result, all syllabuses list the estimated time of self study in different teaching and learning activities of the subjects (see Syllabus). Only with the combination of teaching given by teachers and the self-study of students, should the learning outcomes of subjects and programme be achieved.