Teaching & Learning


Applicants of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme (BSN) are required to:


Have achieved senior secondary school (Form 6 or Senior 3) graduation, passed in Chinese language, English Language and Mathematics or have obtained equivalent qualifications (Note 1); and
2.  Demonstrate fluency in both written and spoken English as well as the Chinese languages;
3.  Have obtained a passing grade in the entrance examination (written examination, interview and physical examination).
Note 1:  Form 5 graduates who have passed in Chinese language, English language and Mathematics in the post-graduate studies; or Form 5 graduates who have passed in any two A-level subjects in G.C.E. (Chinese Language, English language, Mathematics). (Applicants holding Form 5 qualifications or above, passed in Biology, Physics, Chemistry will be privileged).

Applicants under special consideration:
Applicants over 25 years of age with working experience in health care sector will be under special consideration.