Teaching & Learning

In the programme, we mainly use lectures, seminars, tutorials, online learning, laboratories, simulation teaching (High fidelity simulation), vSim (clinical virtual teaching software), virtual anatomy learning system (BodyMap™ Pro VR Human Anatomy Learning Tool) and clinical placement, etc. as methods of teaching. KWNC uses diversified teaching and learning methods to improve students’ learning and interest and enhance students’ ability to integrate theory and practice.

vSim(Clinical Virtual Teaching Software)

Laboratory Learning

Clinical Study
Clinical study is to enable students to apply health care knowledge and combine it with practice. Relevant KWNC subject teachers, clinical instructors/facilitators, and placement organisation appointed nursing preceptors, jointly formulate clinical learning content and teaching plans for students in their clinical studies. Moreover, students set their own clinical learning goals. Clinical personnel also guide students throughout the learning process. The focus of clinical study is to know how to apply the acquired knowledge and skills to the cases through observation and practice. In the fourth year of the Programme, clinical organisations assign clinical personnel to guide students in their studies, assist students to enter the role of clinical nurses, and conduct training in nursing skills, emotions, management, and clinical decision-making, in order to meet the standards of professional nurses.