Teaching & Learning

1. Programme Committee
1.1  The Programme Committee is responsible for the day-to-day progress and operation of the programme. Meeting will be called twice per academic year and chaired by the Programme Leader.
1.2 Members of Programme Committee: 
‧ President;
‧ Programme Leader;
‧ All Subject Teachers;
‧ 1~2 nursing representatives from institution(s) providing clinical placement;
‧ 1 Nursing Preceptor representative; 
‧ 2 student representatives from each class.
1.3 Responsibilities of Programme Committee:
‧ To examine whether the programme teaching satisfies the teaching objectives of each subject, whether the implementation of syllabus and teaching plan can meet the professional requirements;
‧ To listen the opinions from all subject teachers and clinical preceptors towards teaching;
‧ To listen to the students’ opinions from each class towards teachers and programme;
To lead the teachers’ working group to analyze, discuss the opinions about teaching before improvement and implementation of it;
‧ To raise proposal for carrying out holistic education policy for students.

2. Examination Committee
2.1  The Examination Committee is responsible for the resolution of students’ academic performance, promotion/repeat/graduation. Meeting will be called twice per year.
Members of Examination Committee:
‧ President;
‧ Programme Leader;
‧ Subject Teachers;
‧ Instructors;
‧ External Examiner.
2.3 Responsibilities of Examination Committee: 
‧ To appraise the examination/assessment system and assessment criteria;
‧ To approve assessment of students’ academic performance, resolve the name list of outstanding students and students eligible for the scholarship award;
‧ To resolve on student’s promotion, repeat, re-assessment (retake/ repeat) etc.; 
‧ To appraise and pass the proposal of graduation qualification and outstanding grade;
‧ To resolve on counseling and management for individual student; 
‧ To have the External Examiner’s final decision if no consensus has been reached on assessment result;
‧ To examine students’ class attendance and service performance, grade the student’s conduct;
‧ To submit the name list of degree programme graduates to the Accreditation Monitoring Group of Advisory Committee.