Teaching & Learning

 Academic Year 2014/2015




Clinical Specialist Nursing and Education

1. Occupational Safety and
    Health:  Safety Management

    Lai Yuk Wah, Kwong Wah

2. New Management Trends of

    Ng In I, Kiang Wu Hospital

    Wong Ka Wai, Tung Wah
    Eastern  Hospital

3. Simulation Training Course for

    Nursing Students

    Au Mio Leng, Kiang Wu
    Nursing  College of Macau

4. Continence Care

    Lau Lai Sin, Tung Wah

5. Analysis of Violence in Medical     Care Personnel's Workplace in
    Ieong Hong Iong,
    Kiang Wu

8 May 2015
Latest Health Care Trends Dr. Ma Hok Cheung, Director of Kiang Wu Hospital 8 May 2015
How Nursing Programme Influences the Establishment of Students’ Professional Identity

President Van Iat Kio,

Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau

6 March 2015
ICN Scope of Nursing Role Dr. Judith Shamian, President of ICN 2 February 2015
Advanced Practice – Paediatric Nursing Roles Professor Patricia Jackson Allen,

Yale University School of Nursing

24 October 2014

 Academic Year 2013/2014
Realize the Value of Nursing Professionals by Developing the Advantages of Nursing Profession
Alumnae Cheong Pak Leng and Chan Iat Lai
9 May 2014

Academic Year 2012/2013




Theme Talks Summing-up


3 May 2013

Future Direction of Nursing Development: From a View of Re-identifying Professional Uniqueness

Honarary Professor Yu-Mei Yu Chao,
Chairperson of Taiwan Nursing Accreditation Council

3 May 2013

The Footprint of Nursing


5 April 2013

“Feel with Heart, Care with Love”


1 March 2013

The Growing Journey of Students’ Union


7 December 2012

Education for Diabetes Self-management

Guest Professor Shiu Tak Ying,
Advisor of the Association of Hong Kong Diabetes Nurses Limited

12 November 2012

Equal Emphasis on Care and Nursing


9 November 2012

Exploration and Experience Sharing on Life Education For Nursing

Chair Professor Lee Tze Fan, Director of the Nethersole School of Nursing of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

15 October 2012

Set Off from the College


5 October 2012

 Academic Year 2011/2012




A Brief Introduction of Macao-Taiwan Relations

Dr. Chui Sai Peng, Chair of Board of Directors of Chinese Cultural Exchange Association

13 April 2012

Opportunities and Potentials of the Development of Macao’s Traditional Chinese Medicine

Professor Liu Liang, Vice-Rector of Macau University of Science and Technology

2 March 2012

Creativity and Self-learning

Professor Joanne Chung

17 February 2012

UM’s Blueprint and Education Philosophy

Professor Zhao Wei, Rector of University of Macau

9 December 2011

Holistic Care in 21st Century

Professor Joseph J.Y. Sung, Vice Chancellor of Chinese University of Hong Kong

21 October 2011

 Academic Year 2010/2011
Social Responsibility among Macau Undergraduate Students
Ms. Susanna Chou
15 October 2010
Creating Healthy Life and Environment
Director Wong Wan, Transport Bureau Deputy Director
Vai Hoi Ieong, Environmental Protection Bureau
5 November 2010
Disease Prevention and Control
Dr. Tong Ka Io,
Director of Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
3 December 2010
Ensuring Food Safety and Hygiene
Senior Technician Lai Lok Ian,
Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau
4 March 2011
Privacy Protection and Secrecy Awareness
Director Chan Hoi Fan,
Office for Personal Data Protection
1 April 2011

 Academic Year 2009/2010
Lecture for Better Understanding of Macao's World Cultural Heritage
Dr. Lin Faqin
12 March 2010
Care for Macau's Elderly to Build a Protected, Respected and Advancing Later Life
Principal Lau Sin Peng
9 April 2010