College News

Annual Ceremonies – a Celebration to Mark Both International Youth Day and Nurses Day2019-05-06

Memorandum of Understanding Signed with Shanghai Education Institution and Investment Company to Push for Reform of Education on Healthcare for Elderly with Big Data2019-04-02

Specialist Nursing Alliance of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area officially launched2019-03-28

A visit paid by Division Chief Wong Chi Iong2019-03-28

Thematic Training on Dementia Takes Place for Thousands of Police Officers2019-03-21

10th Kiang Wu Cup Concluded – Choi Kuan Hou of KWNC winning the Best Debater2019-03-21

Gwen Kao Shares Her Life Stories and Dementia Caring Skills on International Women’s Day Celebration Activity2019-03-12

Wu Yan, Director of Higher Education, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China visits College2019-03-01

KWNC Succeeds in Expanding Development in the Greater Bay Area as Four Cooperation Projects Were Signed at the Second Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Health Cooperation Conference2019-02-27

Lecture on Chinese Culture 4: The Art of Calligraphy2019-02-18

“Lecture on Chinese Culture 3″: Fragrant Tea Leaves and Tender Buds2019-01-23

KWNC Commences Its First Master of Nursing Programme2018-12-28

KWNC Faculty Members Have Gained New Insights in the “15th World Congress on Long Term Care in Chinese Communities”2018-12-07

Second Cooperation Agreement Is Signed with Portuguese Institution — KWNC Establishes Cooperative Relations with School of Nursing of Portugal2018-12-05

The Gala Dinner in Celebration of the KWNC’s 95th Anniversary Is Well Attended2018-11-20

The KWNC Management Team Visits Chief Executive Chui Sai On and Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the CPPCC Ho Hau Wah2018-11-10

“Lecture on Chinese Culture” 2: Legend of Cantonese Opera2018-11-10

The Fourth Batch of Teachers from Hunan Province Conducts Exchange Studies in the College2018-11-06

Student Recruitment Delegation from Chinese Mainland Visits KWNC to Understand Current Student Recruitment Situation2018-11-06

KWNC Representative as Keynote Speaker of the Belt and Road Nursing Leadership Training Programme in Weihai, Shangdong Province2018-10-26

Lecture on Chinese Culture 1: Time-honoured Macao Noodle Shop — Wong Chi Kei2018-10-11

The First Mobile Phone Application on Self-Management for Patients with Diabetes Mellitus in Macao — KWNC and KWH Jointly Develop the Mobile Phone Application “Sweetclub”2018-09-28

Graduation Speeches2018-09-28

89 Graduates Conferred Certificates of Academic Degree — KWNC Continues to Strengthen All-Level Nurse Cultivation for Further Professional Development2018-09-24

KWNC Holds the “Memory Walk” to Raise Public Awareness of Dementia on World Alzheimer’s Day2018-09-24

The Commencement of Health Care Course — ELCTP Director Chan Ieng Lon Emphasizes the Importance of Knowledge and Virtue2018-09-05

The Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao SAR Puts Forward Three Requirements to the College and Recognizes Its Achievements and Contributions2018-08-30

Entering the College 95th Anniversary — KWNC Welcomes Over 100 Freshmen in the New Academic Year2018-08-27

An Exclusive Interview on “20th Anniversary of Macao’s Return to China” with KWNC President Van Iat Kio by MPEA2018-08-17

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Healthcare Alliance Officially Launches — Kiang Wu Representatives Sign an Agreement to Jointly Promote Medical Care Development2018-08-01

KWNC Organizes the Summer Inbound Exchange Programme to Unite Students from Home and Abroad for Nursing Promotion2018-07-19

“Accomplishment Can Be Achieved with Initial Aspiration” — Graduation Ceremony for Extramural Programmes 2017/20182018-07-18

Workshops on “Passing on Grace and Joy” Spreads the Meaning of Life Education2018-07-14

KWNC Launches Ten Sessions of “Cognition Salon” to Promote Dementia Care Competence among Multidisciplinary Professionals2018-07-02

Health Awareness Day 2018 to Promote Health among Non-Chinese Residence and Domestic Helpers in Macao2018-06-21

KWNC Jointly Organizes Carnival to Promote Home Life Care for Older Persons with Dementia2018-06-21

KWNC Faculty Members Attended the “16th Annual Conference of International Society for Quality of Life Studies” for Exchanging Recent Research Trend on Quality of Life2018-06-20

President Xi Jinping Encourages Macao’s Higher Education Practitioners to Cultivate Talents and Foster their Affections for the Motherland and Macao2018-06-16

Objective Structured Clinical Assessment (OSCA) — a Better Preparation for Upcoming Whole Year Clinical Study2018-06-13

The 9th Kiang Wu Nursing Academic Symposium: Sharing of Clinical and Teaching Research Outputs2018-06-05

“Lecture on Chinese Culture” — President Terry Sio Un I Speaks on “Chinese Elements in Fashion”2018-05-31

KWNC Signs Cooperation Agreement with Health and Nursing Research College of Hangzhou Normal University2018-05-18

Six Faculty Members are Highly Recognized for their Excellent Achievements2018-05-11

KWNC Holds Cap Conferment and Pinning Ceremony to Celebrate International Nurses Day and KWNC 95th Anniversary2018-05-11

KWNC Holds its First Flag-Raising Ceremony to Foster the Spirit of Patriotism and Love for Macao2018-05-11

KWNC Achieves Orderly Development of Local Specialty-based Clinical Placement Venues2018-05-02

Re-election of the 7th Committee of Alumni Association2018-04-24

KWNC Co-organizes “Problem Solving for Better Health” Workshop to Cultivate Students’ Scientific Research Capability2018-04-24

“Lecture on Chinese Culture” — Mr. Lau Veng Seng, Chair of Board of Directors of the College Speaks on the Evolution of Macao’s Urban Development2018-04-16

KWNC Joins the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Gerontological Nursing Alliance” to Promote Gerontological Nursing Profession2018-04-16

“Lecture on Chinese Culture” — Professor Tang Keng Pan Speaks on the Story of the “Son of Macao” Zheng Guanying2018-04-09

“Lecture on Chinese Culture” — Professor Tang Kaijian Speaks on “The Zhang Family of Xiangshan City and Macao”2018-03-09

Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau Launches Household Survey in March to Study the Preparation and Living Conditions for Elderly Life of Macao Residents2018-03-08

Lecture on Chinese Culture: Dr. Ieong Hoi Keng speaks on “The Story of Anti-Japanese War Martyr Chen Guanshi”2018-02-14

Lecture on Chinese Culture: Dr. Lam Fat Iam speaks on Chinese traditional festivals in the field of intangible cultural heritage2018-02-02

Exchange on Diabetes Project Achieves Fruitful Results2018-01-24

KWNC Establishes Cooperative Relations with School of Nursing, Wuchang University of Technology2017-12-28

KWNC Holds 2017/2018 Board of Directors and Advisory Committee Meeting2017-11-30

Lecture on Chinese Culture – Mr. Lei Hong Chan Speaks on “The Story of Xian Xinghai”2017-11-24

First “Cognition Salon” Runs at Vu Fai Elderly Centre2017-11-16

Lecture on Chinese Culture – Dr. Xing Rongfa Speaks on “Historical Stories of Macao”2017-11-10

Series Lectures “Lecture on Chinese Culture” Covers Cultures in Different Chinese Regions2017-11-06

Guangzhou Health Science College Visits KWNC for Exchange on Nurturing Elderly Care Talents2017-11-06

KWNC holds Scholarship and Clinical Award Presentation Ceremony2017-11-01

KWNC Organizes Tea Gathering to Commemorate Adviser Chau Kam Leng2017-10-27

Lecture on Chinese Culture – Advisor Wei Chuxiong Speaks on “Macao and Xinhai Revolution”2017-10-24

KWNC Convenes BSN Programme Committee Meeting for 2017/20182017-10-23

“Lecture on Chinese Culture” is Launched2017-10-06

KWNC Signs Memorandum of Cooperation with Hospitals in Portugal to Explore Future Exchange Opportunities for Students2017-10-04

Representatives of the People’s Government of Sichuan Province Visits KWNC Where They Express Concerns in Social Ageing Issues2017-09-28

KWNC Vice-President Xing Zhihong Visits Peking Union Medical College for its Centennial Celebration Activities2017-09-25

Over 90% Graduates Are Employed – KWNC Advances in Internationalization2017-09-11

KWNC Commences Six Programmes with Nearly Two Hundred New Students2017-09-07

KWNC Dispatches All Staff to Clean Away the Mess after “Hato” – Ten Protection Advices for Cleaning Up2017-08-26

KWNC President Van Expects New Opportunities to Be Brought by the Belt and Road Initiatives2017-08-15

First UNESCO Ethics Teachers Training Course Organized in Macao by KWNC2017-07-31

KWNC Promotes Life Education by Proactively Nurturing “Life Facilitators”2017-07-31

KWNC Extramural Studies Department Celebrates the Graduation of A Thousand Health Facilitators Including the First Batch of Secondary Graduates from the Health Care Course2017-07-20

KWNC Year-four Students Sharing Their Exchange Experiences2017-06-20

Best Wishes to Four Exchange Students at Home After Completing 100-Day Exchange Studies at KWNC2017-06-20

Teachers and Students from Division of Nursing and Health Studies of The Open University of Hong Kong Visit KWNC2017-06-13

Nursing Professionals of Kiang Wu Hospital, KWNC and China Organize Symposium to Discuss Ethical and Occupational Safety Issues2017-06-07

KWNC President Van Iat Kio was invited to serve as the Chairman for the Advisory Committee of the Faculty of Chinese Medicine of Macau University of Science and Technology2017-05-12

“Benevolence Lights up my Later Life” Programme Runs Activities to Raise Social Awareness of Dementia2017-05-11

KWNC Signs Partnership Agreement with the Women’s General Association of Macau2017-05-11

KWNC Organizes Theme Talk and Cap Conferment and Pinning Ceremony to Celebrate International Nurses Day2017-05-10

Leaders of Changzhou University Visit KWNC2017-05-09

Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Society (UK) Visits KWNC2017-05-09

Dr. Chou Kuok Hei Introduces the Constructions of Islands District Medical Complex2017-04-13

2017 “Benevolence Lights up my Later Life” Programme of KWNC Continues to Strive for Promotion in Dementia Prevention and Care2017-04-13

KWNC Visits Dementia Friendly Community in UK and Signs Cooperation Agreement with Plymouth University to Facilitate Promotion of Dementia Friendly City in Macao2017-04-05

KWNC Opens First Certified Dementia Care Planner (CDCP) Course to Enhance Support to Dementia Patients and Families2017-04-05

“Course on Health Care Legal Knowledge” Enhances Health Practitioners’ Legal Awareness2017-03-21

KWNC Co-organizes Workshops with Community Association to Promote Intergenerational Harmony2017-03-21

KWNC Organizes Seminar to Raise Awareness of Technique Advancement, Medical Error Prevention and Positive Nurse-Client Relationship2017-03-21

KWNC Alumna Ng In I Shares Her Diabetes Specialist Experiences2017-03-08

KWNC Convenes the 2nd Board of Directors Meeting2017-03-08

KWNC Continues to Promote Training for Carers of Older Persons2017-03-03

Certified Dementia Care Planner (CDCP) Course Opening in March2017-02-21