College News

Graduation Ceremony for KWNC Extramural Studies Department Took Place with More Than 800 Students Receiving Certificates2019-08-03

Building an International Platform for Nursing Students and Teachers Kiang Wu Nursing College Holds Summer International Exchange Programme2019-07-23

KWNC teachers and students had a fruitful nursing development exchange tour in the Greater Bay Area cities2019-07-19

Gearing up for the expansion of the greater bay area collaboration
Kiang Wu Nursing College builds an alliance of Zhuhai and Macau

College and Caritas Macau join hands to promote Health Awareness Day 2019 – Nearly 200 foreign employees learn health self-management2019-06-05

College co-organized Constitution and Basic Law Seminar to hold double celebration2019-05-14

President and her entourage joining in the International Nurses Day celebration held by the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University2019-05-14

Cooperation Agreement penned by President Van with Alliance of Integrated Nursing, Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area2019-05-14

Annual Ceremonies – a Celebration to Mark Both International Youth Day and Nurses Day2019-05-06

Representatives from the Dreyfus Health Foundation visited the College to promote project development2019-05-06

Visit of Teachers and students to Hangzhou a Harvest2019-04-23

Lecture on Chinese Culture V : Macao, Caught in Trade War crossfire between USA and China?2019-04-15

Specialist Nursing Alliance of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area officially launched2019-03-28

A visit paid by Division Chief Wong Chi Iong2019-03-28

Thematic Training on Dementia Takes Place for Thousands of Police Officers2019-03-21

10th Kiang Wu Cup Concluded – Choi Kuan Hou of KWNC winning the Best Debater2019-03-21

Gwen Kao Shares Her Life Stories and Dementia Caring Skills on International Women’s Day Celebration Activity2019-03-12

Wu Yan, Director of Higher Education, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China visits College2019-03-01

KWNC Succeeds in Expanding Development in the Greater Bay Area as Four Cooperation Projects Were Signed at the Second Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Health Cooperation Conference2019-02-27

Lecture on Chinese Culture 4: The Art of Calligraphy2019-02-18

“Lecture on Chinese Culture 3″: Fragrant Tea Leaves and Tender Buds2019-01-23

KWNC Commences Its First Master of Nursing Programme2018-12-28

KWNC Faculty Members Have Gained New Insights in the “15th World Congress on Long Term Care in Chinese Communities”2018-12-07

Second Cooperation Agreement Is Signed with Portuguese Institution — KWNC Establishes Cooperative Relations with School of Nursing of Portugal2018-12-05

The Gala Dinner in Celebration of the KWNC’s 95th Anniversary Is Well Attended2018-11-20

The KWNC Management Team Visits Chief Executive Chui Sai On and Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the CPPCC Ho Hau Wah2018-11-10

“Lecture on Chinese Culture” 2: Legend of Cantonese Opera2018-11-10

The Fourth Batch of Teachers from Hunan Province Conducts Exchange Studies in the College2018-11-06

Student Recruitment Delegation from Chinese Mainland Visits KWNC to Understand Current Student Recruitment Situation2018-11-06

KWNC Representative as Keynote Speaker of the Belt and Road Nursing Leadership Training Programme in Weihai, Shangdong Province2018-10-26

Lecture on Chinese Culture 1: Time-honoured Macao Noodle Shop — Wong Chi Kei2018-10-11

The First Mobile Phone Application on Self-Management for Patients with Diabetes Mellitus in Macao — KWNC and KWH Jointly Develop the Mobile Phone Application “Sweetclub”2018-09-28

Graduation Speeches2018-09-28

89 Graduates Conferred Certificates of Academic Degree — KWNC Continues to Strengthen All-Level Nurse Cultivation for Further Professional Development2018-09-24

KWNC Holds the “Memory Walk” to Raise Public Awareness of Dementia on World Alzheimer’s Day2018-09-24

The Commencement of Health Care Course — ELCTP Director Chan Ieng Lon Emphasizes the Importance of Knowledge and Virtue2018-09-05

The Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao SAR Puts Forward Three Requirements to the College and Recognizes Its Achievements and Contributions2018-08-30

Entering the College 95th Anniversary — KWNC Welcomes Over 100 Freshmen in the New Academic Year2018-08-27

An Exclusive Interview on “20th Anniversary of Macao’s Return to China” with KWNC President Van Iat Kio by MPEA2018-08-17

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Healthcare Alliance Officially Launches — Kiang Wu Representatives Sign an Agreement to Jointly Promote Medical Care Development2018-08-01

KWNC Organizes the Summer Inbound Exchange Programme to Unite Students from Home and Abroad for Nursing Promotion2018-07-19

“Accomplishment Can Be Achieved with Initial Aspiration” — Graduation Ceremony for Extramural Programmes 2017/20182018-07-18

Workshops on “Passing on Grace and Joy” Spreads the Meaning of Life Education2018-07-14

KWNC Launches Ten Sessions of “Cognition Salon” to Promote Dementia Care Competence among Multidisciplinary Professionals2018-07-02

Health Awareness Day 2018 to Promote Health among Non-Chinese Residence and Domestic Helpers in Macao2018-06-21

KWNC Jointly Organizes Carnival to Promote Home Life Care for Older Persons with Dementia2018-06-21

KWNC Faculty Members Attended the “16th Annual Conference of International Society for Quality of Life Studies” for Exchanging Recent Research Trend on Quality of Life2018-06-20

President Xi Jinping Encourages Macao’s Higher Education Practitioners to Cultivate Talents and Foster their Affections for the Motherland and Macao2018-06-16

Objective Structured Clinical Assessment (OSCA) — a Better Preparation for Upcoming Whole Year Clinical Study2018-06-13

The 9th Kiang Wu Nursing Academic Symposium: Sharing of Clinical and Teaching Research Outputs2018-06-05

“Lecture on Chinese Culture” — President Terry Sio Un I Speaks on “Chinese Elements in Fashion”2018-05-31

KWNC Signs Cooperation Agreement with Health and Nursing Research College of Hangzhou Normal University2018-05-18

Six Faculty Members are Highly Recognized for their Excellent Achievements2018-05-11

KWNC Holds Cap Conferment and Pinning Ceremony to Celebrate International Nurses Day and KWNC 95th Anniversary2018-05-11

KWNC Holds its First Flag-Raising Ceremony to Foster the Spirit of Patriotism and Love for Macao2018-05-11

KWNC Achieves Orderly Development of Local Specialty-based Clinical Placement Venues2018-05-02

Re-election of the 7th Committee of Alumni Association2018-04-24

KWNC Co-organizes “Problem Solving for Better Health” Workshop to Cultivate Students’ Scientific Research Capability2018-04-24

“Lecture on Chinese Culture” — Mr. Lau Veng Seng, Chair of Board of Directors of the College Speaks on the Evolution of Macao’s Urban Development2018-04-16

KWNC Joins the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Gerontological Nursing Alliance” to Promote Gerontological Nursing Profession2018-04-16

“Lecture on Chinese Culture” — Professor Tang Keng Pan Speaks on the Story of the “Son of Macao” Zheng Guanying2018-04-09

“Lecture on Chinese Culture” — Professor Tang Kaijian Speaks on “The Zhang Family of Xiangshan City and Macao”2018-03-09

Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau Launches Household Survey in March to Study the Preparation and Living Conditions for Elderly Life of Macao Residents2018-03-08

Lecture on Chinese Culture: Dr. Ieong Hoi Keng speaks on “The Story of Anti-Japanese War Martyr Chen Guanshi”2018-02-14

Lecture on Chinese Culture: Dr. Lam Fat Iam speaks on Chinese traditional festivals in the field of intangible cultural heritage2018-02-02

Exchange on Diabetes Project Achieves Fruitful Results2018-01-24

KWNC Establishes Cooperative Relations with School of Nursing, Wuchang University of Technology2017-12-28

KWNC Holds 2017/2018 Board of Directors and Advisory Committee Meeting2017-11-30

Lecture on Chinese Culture – Mr. Lei Hong Chan Speaks on “The Story of Xian Xinghai”2017-11-24

First “Cognition Salon” Runs at Vu Fai Elderly Centre2017-11-16

Lecture on Chinese Culture – Dr. Xing Rongfa Speaks on “Historical Stories of Macao”2017-11-10

Series Lectures “Lecture on Chinese Culture” Covers Cultures in Different Chinese Regions2017-11-06

Guangzhou Health Science College Visits KWNC for Exchange on Nurturing Elderly Care Talents2017-11-06

KWNC holds Scholarship and Clinical Award Presentation Ceremony2017-11-01

KWNC Organizes Tea Gathering to Commemorate Adviser Chau Kam Leng2017-10-27

Lecture on Chinese Culture – Advisor Wei Chuxiong Speaks on “Macao and Xinhai Revolution”2017-10-24

KWNC Convenes BSN Programme Committee Meeting for 2017/20182017-10-23

“Lecture on Chinese Culture” is Launched2017-10-06

KWNC Signs Memorandum of Cooperation with Hospitals in Portugal to Explore Future Exchange Opportunities for Students2017-10-04

Representatives of the People’s Government of Sichuan Province Visits KWNC Where They Express Concerns in Social Ageing Issues2017-09-28

KWNC Vice-President Xing Zhihong Visits Peking Union Medical College for its Centennial Celebration Activities2017-09-25

Over 90% Graduates Are Employed – KWNC Advances in Internationalization2017-09-11

KWNC Commences Six Programmes with Nearly Two Hundred New Students2017-09-07

KWNC Dispatches All Staff to Clean Away the Mess after “Hato” – Ten Protection Advices for Cleaning Up2017-08-26

KWNC President Van Expects New Opportunities to Be Brought by the Belt and Road Initiatives2017-08-15

First UNESCO Ethics Teachers Training Course Organized in Macao by KWNC2017-07-31

KWNC Promotes Life Education by Proactively Nurturing “Life Facilitators”2017-07-31

KWNC Extramural Studies Department Celebrates the Graduation of A Thousand Health Facilitators Including the First Batch of Secondary Graduates from the Health Care Course2017-07-20

KWNC Year-four Students Sharing Their Exchange Experiences2017-06-20

Best Wishes to Four Exchange Students at Home After Completing 100-Day Exchange Studies at KWNC2017-06-20

Teachers and Students from Division of Nursing and Health Studies of The Open University of Hong Kong Visit KWNC2017-06-13

Nursing Professionals of Kiang Wu Hospital, KWNC and China Organize Symposium to Discuss Ethical and Occupational Safety Issues2017-06-07

KWNC President Van Iat Kio was invited to serve as the Chairman for the Advisory Committee of the Faculty of Chinese Medicine of Macau University of Science and Technology2017-05-12

“Benevolence Lights up my Later Life” Programme Runs Activities to Raise Social Awareness of Dementia2017-05-11

KWNC Signs Partnership Agreement with the Women’s General Association of Macau2017-05-11

KWNC Organizes Theme Talk and Cap Conferment and Pinning Ceremony to Celebrate International Nurses Day2017-05-10

Leaders of Changzhou University Visit KWNC2017-05-09

Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Society (UK) Visits KWNC2017-05-09

Dr. Chou Kuok Hei Introduces the Constructions of Islands District Medical Complex2017-04-13