Nurse Sculpture Souvenir
"Benevolence" is the essence of Confucianism with the core idea "to love". This idea includes the personality and capability of helping the weak and the will to dedicate to truth. Adopting the wisdom of the Chinese culture, in combination with Florence Nightingale's people-oriented nursing spirit originated from the west, the educational philosophy of "From Personhood to Benevolence" of KWNC comes into being. 
The "antique school desk" carved on the nurse sculpture represents the collective memories of KWNC students and contains the love and care of teachers to students and the College as well as their praiseworthy devotion to education. With 90 years of establishment, our alumni and predecessors are committed to passing on the College’s spirit of "From Personhood to Benevolence", and our nursing students will continue to learn with modesty, aspire to inherit the Nightingale spirit and to carry forward Kiang Wu's tradition of excellence. 
The sculpture, designed by Mr. Wong Ka Long, with the portrayal of the "antique school desk" and the nurses from two generations, depicts the profound historical tradition and spirit of benevolent education of the College.
Price: MOP150.00