General Assembly and Spring Festival Reunion(2019.3.22)          

The Alumni Association of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau and the Hospital Kiang Wu Nursing and Midwifery School of Macau (Alumni Association of KWNC & KWNMS) held their General Assembly and celebration gathering for Chinese New Year of the Pig at Restaurant Ka Nin Wa at noon on March 9, 2019.

A total of 100 teachers, alumni and family members participated in the event, among whom included VAN Iat Kio, President of KWNC and Honorary President of the Association, VONG Sou Lui, Honorary President, LEONG Pou Heng, President, LENG Sou Mui, LOK Wai Hing, LEONG Cheok Vai, KONG Mei Iong, Vice-Presidents, LAI Un I, Chair of Board of Supervisors, LEI Wai In, Chair of Board of Director, WONG Sok Chan, LAU Gar Bo, Vice-Chairs of Board of Directors.        

Chairlady Lei Wai In first introduced the work of the Seventh Board of Directors. Since the inauguration of the current board, the spirit of caring has been kept up, alumni have been contacted from all over the world, the 95th anniversary celebration of the Alma Mater has been actively participated, visits have been organised and paid to senior alumni with warmth and blessings. Vice Chairlady Lao Gar Bo reported that the financial situation of the board has been stable so far. At the meeting, President Leong Pou Heng thanked her Alma Mater for its support to the Alumni Association. As always, the Alumni Association has united all alumni, shown their concerns about the development of the Alma Mater, and inherited the spirit of benevolence. Lai Un I, Chair of Board of Supervisors expressed her appreciation for the work of the board.         

In her speech, Honorary President Van thanked all the alumni for their thoughtfulness about their Alma Mater, briefed the participants about the construction progress of the new campus in the Islands District Medical Complex, and looked forward to the active participation of all alumni in the construction of the new campus to prepare for the 100th anniversary of KWNC.

All the participating alumni enjoyed a rich lunch in high spirits and received a New Year red packet given away by the Association while the 80-year-olds were offered some special gifts as well.


2019新年團拜 2019新年團拜

Vice Chair Lao Gar Bo delivers the financial report

Alumna Iun Kit Peng as the acting Chair of the General Assembly
2019新年團拜 2019新年團拜
Alumni enjoy a group photo taking moment All participating alumni have had a really good time

Alumni Association celebrates International Women's Day (2019.3.22)          

An interview between Gwen Kao and Florence Van was held in the Lecture Theatre I on 8 March, 2019. The event was jointly organized by Macau Alzheimer’s Disease Association, Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau, Alumni Association of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau and the Hospital Kiang Wu Nursing and Midwifery School of Macau, and co-organized by Macao Carers Association.

Gwen Kao, wife of "Father of Fibre Optics" and founder and Chair of the Charles K. Kao Foundation for Alzheimer's Disease Limited, was invited to share with us in the interview her experiences on how to deal with problems of a patient like Professor Charles Kao.

Ms. Kao shared her life stories in a very sensible yet impressive way with those present – stories of struggle and success unfolding unforgettable moments with Professor Kao and her experiences of looking after him.

Participants were really impressed and asked Gwen questions. In order to give support to the Kao Foundation, the three sponsors donated HK$10,000. For details of the sharing session, please visit

The Lunar New Year Gathering of KWNC Alumni Association
On the 24th day of the Chinese New Year of the Goat, the Alumni Association of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau organized a cosy Lunar New Year lunch gathering at the Activity Area on the 16th floor of Mong Ha Campus.
About 80 guests and alumni attended. Of them were Honorary President of Alumni Association Van Iat Kio, President Leong Pou Heng, Vice-President Vong Sou Lui, Vice President Leong Cheok Vai, Vice President Kong Mei Iong, Chair of Board of Directors Lau Gar Bo, Vice-Chair of Board of Directors Wong Sok Chan, other board members, alumni, faculty and staff, overseas alumni and their families.
In her speech, President Leong expressed her gratitude to KWNC for its great support for the Alumni Association, and reported the latest activities of the Alumni Association. Honorary President Van in her speech said that a 16-floor College building would be built within the Islands District Medical Complex. Quality audit by international academic bodies would begin at the end of this year. She appreciated the alumni’s care for their alma mater and hoped that they would continue to be supportive as always.
Apart from the filling meal, the gathering featured lucky draw and alumni performances. The Alumni Association had also prepared red pockets for every participant. What made the event most memorable was that it was not only an occasion to forge greater friendship, but also connected them for a worthy cause of pursuing the nursing profession. We wish every success to the Alumni Association as the alma mater is heading for a brighter future.  
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