Professional Competence Development Centre

Our nursing laboratories include: Nursing Laboratory (Main Campus), Tung On Nursing Laboratory, Mong Ha Nursing Laboratory, Childbearing and Adolescent Nursing Laboratory, Geriatric and Rehabilitation Nursing Laboratory, Adult Nursing Laboratory, and Traditional Chinese Medicine Nursing Laboratory.
1. Locations
4/F of the Main Campus, 15/F and 16/F of the Mong Ha Campus, and Tung On Building
2. Functions
Nursing Laboratory (Main Campus): Located in Room 407 at the Main Campus, the Laboratory is dedicated to the teaching and practical training of nursing. With a simulated setting of a hospital ward with 12 beds, it can hold more than 40 students to practise at a time.
Tung On Nursing Laboratory: Located in Tung On Building, the Laboratory is used for teaching and technical training of nursing. With a simulated setting of a hospital ward with nine beds and three sets of cameras, it can hold more than 30 students to practise at a time.
Childbearing and Adolescent Nursing Laboratory: Located in Room 1508 at Mong Ha Campus, the Laboratory consists of two divisions: (1) a Childbearing Nursing Laboratory dedicated to the teaching and learning of bathing and evaluating newborn infants as well as assessing pregnant or parturient women. It has a simulated hospital ward with 4 beds and 4 newborn bathtubs, allowing more than 30 students to practise at a time; (2) a Child and Adolescent Laboratory, with textbooks, VCDs and books on sex education. Paediatric scales and stethoscopes are also available.
Geriatric and Rehabilitation Laboratory: Located in Room 1509 at Mong Ha Campus, the Laboratory consists of two divisions: (1) a Geriatric Laboratory with a simulated at-home environment which can be used for home assessment for the elderly and as a practice venue for the assessment. The Laboratory can accommodate 10 people at a time; (2) a Rehabilitation Laboratory which is fitted out to simulate a rehabilitation room, allowing various rehabilitation practices for over 20 people at a time.
Adult Nursing Laboratory: Located in Room 1512 at Mong Ha Campus, the Laboratory is equipped with SimMan Universal Patient Simulators for the teaching and learning of adult nursing for various departments. With a simulated hospital ward with 12 beds, it can accommodate over 40 people for practice at a time. There is also a Peace Corner where students can relax, meditate and refresh themselves as well as to support one another by leaving notes. Reading materials of spirituality and life and death are also available in the laboratory.
Traditional Chinese Medicine Nursing Laboratory: Located in Room 1610 at Mong Ha Campus, the Laboratory is equipped with a Metatron check-up machine which, through the mapping of the resonance of low frequency electromagnetic waves with the energy waves of the body, can assess the health condition of the internal organs. There is also a treatment room that provides various non-invasive Chinese medical treatments such as moxibustion, intermediate frequency electrotherapy and foot spa.
3.Teaching equipment
 1. SimMan 3G
       i. Configuration of abnormal cardio-pulmonary functions
       ii. Configuration of different medication procedures
      iii. Airway management (post endotracheal intubation nursing, airway clearance and oxygen supply mask, etc.)
      iv. Cardiac examination (2,500 kinds of electrocardiograms, manual or automated defibrillation, etc.)
       v. Pulse fluctuations (carotid, femoral and brachial arteries) and blood pressure variability;
      vi. Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation
(2) Simulators, medical devices and supplies
i. Patient simulator, multifunctional human simulator for cardio-pulmonary-abdominal auscultation and palpation, and electronic patient simulator for obstetric examinations.
ii.  Simulators for intravenous injection, intramuscular injection, wound care, obstetric abdominal examination, antenatal examination, childbirth, and breast self-examination.
iii.  Electrocardio monitor, electrocardiograph machine, defibrillator, oxygen concentrator, negative pressure aspirator, Doppler ultrasound foetal monitor, sling lift, bone densitometer, and electric standing wheelchair.


Rehabilitation devices: postural analysis grid chart, postural evaluation kit, balance master, balance beam, training stairs, sports cushion, balance board, hand grip dynamometer, stall bars, seated or hydraulic stepper, exercise bike, pulley, walking assist device, children’s ladder chair, exercise bar and ball, sandbag, goniometer, graphics tablet, and ring toss, etc.
v.  Traditional Chinese medicine equipment: multifunctional moxibustion device, computerized intermediate frequency electrotherapy device, smart foot spa, and Metatron check-up machine.
vi.  Other apparatuses and supplies
4.Opening hours
Main Campus - Mondays to Fridays : 8:00am – 10:00pm 
             Saturdays : 8:00am – 6:00pm
Mong Ha Campus - Mondays to Saturdays : 8:00am – 8:00pm
5.Loan procedures
Application for the loan of laboratory items should be made at least five working days prior to the day of use. The completed Application Form for Nursing Lab Materials (for Students) (downloadable from ‘Forms’ on the Intranet) should be submitted to the Laboratory Attendant. Once the application is approved, the applicant will be informed of the time and method of collection. The loaned items have to be returned on time and in good condition. Borrowers will be fined according to KWNC’s related rules for any item damaged or lost.
6. Rules for the use of nursing laboratories as well as the management and use of laboratory materials
Please refer to “Student Handbook”