KWNC was established in 1999 and the Department of Further Studies was formed in 2001 to cater the needs of constant development in society, continuing education for nurses as well as rise in demand for health care and first-aid knowledge in the community. The Department was renamed Extramural Studies Department (ESD) in September 2008. In accordance with the revision of the College’s statutes, the Department was renamed Nursing & Health Study Centre (NHSC) in 2019.

In response to the philosophy of residents having lifelong learning and the issue of population ageing, the NHSC launched various kinds and levels of training courses for the public to broaden relevant health care knowledge with following objectives:

1. To promote lifelong education and enhance nursing professionalism to improve services provided to the public;

2. To offer various health and nursing courses to raise public’s health care awareness;

3. To promote KWNC to the public;

4. To enable KWNC teachers to engage more with the public

5. To introduce more programmes / courses and increase teaching resources.


NHSC is one of the organizational units of KWNC. To facilitate the integration of the College’s teaching, research and social services, for many years, the department propagated courses and plans for healthy Macau SAR government departments and community institutions. NHSC has offered a variety of short to long term health certificate / diploma programmes or courses, these programmes / courses include:

   1. Certificate programmes / courses
   1) Health Care Course
   2) Training Course for In-home Elderly Caregivers
   3) Fundamental Health Care Training Programme
   4) Advanced Health Care Training Programme
   5) Professional Training Course on School Health Promotion
   6) Caregiving Training Course for Personal Caregivers in Rehabilitation Services
   7) Training Seminar for Breastfeeding Professionals
   8) Training Course for Frontline Staff of Residential Homes for Older Persons
   2. Certified courses
       Professional Post-natal Care Course (National Certified Maternity Matron Course(Intermediate))
   3. First aid courses
    1) First Aid Course – Adult Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 
    2) Youth First Aider 
    3) Advanced Adult First Aid Course
    4) Primary First Aid and Nursing 
    5) Pre-Hospital Basic Life-saving Techniques 
    6) First Aid Course for Trainers
    7) (Basic & Advanced)First Aid Course
    8) Occupational Injury Prevention and Care Course
    9) Primary First Aid Course I – Basics Training
    10) Primary First Aid Course II – Basics Training
    11) Newborn and Infant Care – First Aid and Disease Awareness Course
    12) Use of Automated External Defibrillator & Entonox Analgesic Apparatus Course
   4. Health promotion courses and talks
   1) Toolbox of Health for Children and Teenagers
   2) Campus-wide Eye & Teeth Care Activity
   3) Healthy School Teaching Technique Course
1. To expand community resources;
2. To collaborate closely with other organizations;
3. To develop the College's teaching resources;;
4. To advance steadily with pragmatic spirit.