Course Course Date Course Time Learning Hours Fees (MOP) Application Requirements Application Method Admission Method
Continuing Education Development Plan Subsidy Is Applicable
Fundamental Health Care Training Programme(January 2023)
Online Registration
(Every Monday, and Wednesday evening)
6:30-9:30 p.m. 70 Registration fee 100 (self-funded)
Macao resident course fee: 14,400 (self-funded)
Macao Resident Identity Card (BIR)
Senior secondary school (Year 12) graduation or equivalent* or above qualifications
People with basic writing, comprehension skills, and decent character, also physically and psychologically healthy.
Note: *Approval is required from the programme team for equivalent academic qualifications
Professional Post-natal Care Course
(January 2023)
(Every Tuesday, and Friday evening)
6:30-9:30 p.m. 30 Registration Fee: 100 (self-funded)

Macao resident course fee: 4,300

Macao Resident Identity Card (BIR)
Must have junior secondary school graduation or above qualification
On-site register
Self-funded Course
Youth First Aider To be confirmed 6 Registration fee: 100 (self-funded)

Macao resident course fee: 750 (self-funded)

Macao Resident Identity Card (BIR)
Macao secondary and primary school students

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