General Laboratory

The General Laboratory, located on the 2nd floor of the Main Campus, is a multifunctional laboratory suitable for performing experiments of various subjects including Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Pharmacology and Pathophysiology.
Occupying a space of 1,250 square feet, the General Laboratory can accommodate over 50 students at a time. It is equipped with the BL-420 biological function experimental system which features four-channel biological signal collection, magnification, display, recording and processing functions that can be linked to computers for implementing computerized laboratory teaching. In addition to upgrading the experimental instruments, the computerized facility also provides the fundamental instrument for experimental research in the future. Moreover, the Laboratory is equipped with a number of apparatuses such as optical and electron microscopes, electronic scales, surgical instruments and tools.
In order to enhance the vividness of teaching and learning, the Laboratory is also outfitted with human anatomy models, pathological anatomy specimens, microbial slices and tissue slices, etc. 
1.    Main equipment
BL-420 Biological Function Experimental System
The system, installed on a micro-computer, is able to perform 4-channel biological signal collection, magnification, display, recording and processing. With the diagrams and data magnified and generated by the micro-computer, the system's biological signal display and processing software can simultaneously display in 4 channels the non-electrical signal waveforms such as biological signal/tension and pressure detected from biological body or isolated organ, and then store, analyze and print out the experiment data. 

2.    Other hardware equipment
(1)    9 computers
(2)    Network printers
(3)    Optical and electron microscopes

3.    Teaching equipment
(1)    Anatomy models of different body systems
(2)    Pathological specimens
(3)    Microbial slices and tissue slices