Adult Nursing Laboratory

Adult Nursing Laboratory is located in Room 1512 of the Mong Ha Campus. The Laboratory is equipped with 20 beds and high fidelity SimMan 3G simulators which configure various symptomatic changes during different stages of diseases relating to the heart, lungs, kidneys, nerves, stomach and bowels. These changes can be reflected through blood pressure, pulse, breathing, degree of sobriety, cyanosis, sweating, neck rigidity and pupillary changes, etc. The Laboratory was set up to train students’ specialty nursing skills in simulated scenarios where they will be able to learn and practise diagnostic skills and give treatment accordingly as well as to receive feedback from their instructors, in a way to get well prepared for caring real patients. Inside the Laboratory, there is also a Peace Corner for students to regain their inner peace.

成人護理實驗室 成人護理實驗室