Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation life helps to enrich learning experience and promote holistic person development. It provides opportunities for students to learn and develop together in a cross-cultural environment, and for students to communicate and cooperate with students from other regions and taking different courses.
The Student Accommodation of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (Islands District Medical Complex Campus) is located on the 12th to 14th floors of the campus building, next to the Islands District Medical Complex, adjacent to the Macau East Asian Games Dome, Seac Pai Van public housing complex, Macau-Hengqin Frontier and One Oasis. The Accommodation also provides a space for student gatherings for students from different regions to participate in study and cultural exchange.
There are 65 Accommodation units and 130 beds in the Student Accommodation, including 38 for male students and 92 for female students.

1. Student Accommodation Standard Unit Floor Plan and Equipment
All rooms can accommodate two persons each, with an area of about 22 square meters, a toilet (two people share one toilet), and a small balcony for hanging clothes. The bed types include single beds and bunk beds (for bunk beds only the bottom bunk is used). The size of the bed is 1m x 1.9m, including the mattress. Other equipment in the unit includes desks, wardrobes, bookcases, air conditioning, water heaters, refrigerators, and WIFI, students can also use the equipment in the shared pantry and laundry room on the floor.

Floor Plan

1.jpg 2.jpg
The balcony facing Seac Pai Van direction (east). The balcony facing Macau East Asian Games Dome (West).

Student Accommodation Unit Photos

1657880718959536.jpg 1657880725183699.jpg
Beds. Wardrobe.
1657880732309265.jpg 1657880735743825.jpg
Desks & chairs. Toilet.
1657880740755974.jpg 1657880748532870.jpg
Windowsill, balcony, and scenery. Small balcony.

2. Accommodation Shared Facilities
(1).  Shared Pantry
There is a shared pantry on each floor, equipped with water dispenser, electric cooker, electric steamer, electric kettle and other equipment, where students can cook simply or re-heat food.
(2).  Laundry Room
There is a laundry room on each floor, where students can wash their clothes.
(3).  Shared Exchange Space
Located on the 12th floor, the shared exchange space is connected to the outdoor platform and it can be used by all boarders. It can also be used for group activities, leisure, fitness, a place for meals and for students to communicate and socialise.There are the following facilities:
a) Sports facilities include treadmills and exercise bikes.
b) Simple cooking facilities such as electric steamer, electric cooker, electric kettle.
c) Dining table and chairs.

Shared Facilities on Each Floor

1657881503298560.jpg 1657881511790701.png
Pantry Laundry Room

Accommodation Leisure Facilities Photos

1657881613228638.jpg 1657881617347781.jpg
Shared Exchange Space – Leisure Facilities Shared Exchange Space – Leisure Facilities
1657881624411850.jpg 1657881628828437.jpg
Shared Exchange Space – Outdoor Platform Shared Exchange Space – Outdoor Platform