The Computer Laboratory, holding an area of around 750ft2, is located on the 3rd floor of the College Building at the Main Campus.
The Laboratory is equipped with 62 sets of student computers, 1 teacher computer and 1 colour laser printer (installed with "Macau Pass" transaction system).    
Computer Laboratory


1. Lecture
The Laboratory serves as a lecture venue according to the needs of different programmes, including the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Supplementary) Programme.
2. Student Utilization
Students may utilize the computers for making reports, presentation slides and promotion leaflets; performing online information search and document retrieval on electronic databases.
 3. Training of Online Services for Library Users
Training includes document retrieval on electronic databases and application of the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) System.
 4. Input and Analysis of Research Data
Computers in the Laboratory are installed with the statistics software SPSS for teachers and students to perform statistical analysis.
Opening Hours
Monday – Saturday
Opens 24 hours
Laboratory services will be suspended in the event of lectures. For detailed arrangements, please refer to the notice posted outside the Laboratory.