1. Introduction
The idea of Electro-cardiograph Ruler came from three Year 3 students of KWNC and it was designed and produced under the guidance of their teachers and advice of clinical experts. The Project was funded by the Macao Science and Technology Development Fund and the making of the Ruler was assisted by the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre.

As an aid to reading electro-cardiograph more quickly and easily, the portable Ruler is useful to various users in different ways: medical and nursing students use it for their theoretical or clinical studies, non- cardiovascular medical staff and other non-medical personnel rendering emergency services use it for the timely treatment of patients, as well as to beginners who first started reading electro-cardiograph. The Ruler has been filed for invention patent and utility model patent from the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China.

The versions of Electro-cardiograph Ruler:

Traditional Chinese version Simplified Chinese version English version
Traditional Chinese version Simplified Chinese version English version<br /><br /><br />
2. Product components and functions
   1. Components
     i. Addendum circle: basic ECG wave patterns and their naming
    ii. Horizontal axis: from left to right: P wave, P-R interval, QRS wave, U wave
    iii. Vertical axis: from bottom to top: P wave, QRS wave, S-T segment , T wave
    iv. Base circle


                                                  2.  Brief introduction  *User manual is included in the product package upon purchase

      i. Heart rate measuring



     ii.  Heart rate measuring (not applicable to patients with arrhythmia)

     iii. Aid to reading ECG waves



3.  Purchase information
Traditional Chinese version / English version Simplified Chinese version
Product material (plastic) (carton board)
Price MOP60/piece or RMB50/piece MOP6/piece or RMB5/piece
Special offer 20% discount for purchase of 50 pieces or above N/A
Purchase method & notes Local purchase – – Not applicable for online purchase; please visit KWNC for purchase.
Overseas purchase
– – Online purchase (via e-mail):Minimum purchase quantity: 50 pieces for simplified Chinese version (postage: RMB10/50 pieces; same rate for order of less than 50 pieces).
– – Purchase procedures:
1. Send purchase information including the quantity of purchase, the name, delivery address and contact number of the consignee to the College via email;)
2. A confirmation of order will be sent to the buyer via email;
3. Buyer makes payment to the designated account of Bank of China;
4. Notify the College of the payment confirmation with relevant deposit slip;
5. Delivery will be made after receipt of payment is confirmed.
Contact PR Division Email: pr@kwnc.edu.mo Tel: (853) 8295 6269