Hosted by Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau, “Macau Journal of Nursing” is the first nursing-related academic publication ever launched in the Macao SAR. It aims at promoting the development of academic researches of nursing and health sciences in Macao and providing an academic platform to share views on the aspects of clinical, education, management and researches among nursing practitioners. In addition, the Journal hopes to reflect the application of local and international nursing researches, provide the latest international nursing information, promote exchanges among peers, enhance practitioners’ professional knowledge and elevate the quality of the nursing profession.

Since the inauguration in November 2011, “Macau Journal of Nursing” has been receiving unfailing support and encouragement from all sectors of society, nursing peers and the Editorial Board. Under the collaborative efforts of the editorial board and publication group, the inaugural issue of the Journal was published and released (ISSN 1681-1534) in March 2002. Since then, it has been highly acknowledged and recognized by nursing practitioners, professionals and all walks of life. The Journal was subscribed by the EBSCO Publishing Inc. (USA) in its periodical database in November 2006.

In order to attract a wider readership, the editorial board has been sparing plenty of efforts to publicize the Journal. Today, the Journal covers a multitude readership, including Macao (government departments and officials, Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government, universities, libraries, members of the editorial board, leaders of Kiang Wu Hospital Charitable Association, leaders of hospitals, community associations, peers and seniors, College visiting guests from home and abroad, alumni, guests of graduation ceremony, BSN Programme validation experts), the Chinese Mainland (Ministry of Health, higher education institution leaders and libraries, hospital libraries and nursing departments, nursing communities, alumni, friends and seniors), Hong Kong (higher education institutions, libraries, Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government, the Hospital Authority, hospital libraries, nursing communities and health organizations, friends and seniors), Taiwan (Head of Hong Kong and Macau Office of Mainland Affairs Council, leaders and libraries of higher education institutions, libraries of hospitals), UK, New Zealand, Thailand, Australia and Bulgaria, etc. In addition, it is honoured that “Macau Journal of Nursing” is regarded as the teaching resources and permanent collection by the National Library of China and Macao Central Library. Moreover, several libraries of the higher education institutions of the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan have expressed their interest in keeping the Journal. Furthermore, the Journal receives favourable comments from the Chinese Nursing Association, Medical Reforms Consultative Committee and professionals of the related field.