Project Title

Person in Charge



1 Effects of simulation-based nursing education Au Mio Leng Higher Education Fund of the Government of Macao SAR 2021.11-2023.11
2 Research on subcategories of internet addiction in Macao adolescents Wang Hui Science and Technology Development Fund 2021.12-2023.12
3 The introduction and implementation of advance care planning in long-term care facilities in Macao: a feasibility study Tam Kuai In KWNC 2022.6-2024.1
4 The Study on health literacy improvement project for migrant domestic workers in Macao Cheong Pak Leng Macao Foundation 2022.6-2023.6
5 An investigation of the perception of “good death” and “filial piety” expression in end-of-life care: perspectives of the Chinese in Greater Bay Area Ng Wai I Macao Foundation 2022.6-2023.6
6 A comparative study on the professional identity development among nursing students MAO AIMEI Macao Foundation 2022.6-2023.6
7 The correlation between uremia pruritus and TCM constitution in hemodialysis patients in Macao Chuang Yao Chen KWNC 2022.10 – 2024.7
8 Strengthening professional collaboration in dementia caregiver education and research via the provision and evaluation of the iSupport program in Australia and Greater China ZHU MINGXIA National Foundation for Australia-China Relations (Australia) 2021.2-2023.10