There has been an increased recognition of the research abilities of our academic team members in recent years. They have been commissioned by various governmental departments and organizations for large-scale research projects, while the number of research projects they applied has also been increasing. KWNC has been active in organizing and co-organizing international and domestic symposia to facilitate academic exchanges in nursing. Our academic staff have been engaging in a wide range of application-oriented research including nursing education, nursing caring, gerontological nursing, self-management of chronic diseases, medical and health care policies, etc. The aim of research of the College is to address the health and social issues relating to ageing population by acting in line with the Government’s policies, consolidating the resources of the community and promoting the health of the elderly. Equal attention is also paid to the health issues of children, adolescents and women, the harmonic interaction between households and the environment as well as the significance of life education. Meanwhile, KWNC will continue to launch nursing manpower planning and optimize nursing management to enhance the quality and efficiency of nursing services for the local community.