Teaching & Learning

Students' Union

Aims and objectives: 

Foster patriotism in students, love for Macao, a sense of belonging to KWNC and dedication to the nursing profession by organizing a wide range of cultural and recreational as well as professional activities; and encourage students to broaden their horizons through the participation in community services and activities.

Year of establishment:  2004
Featured activities:  Study and cultural exchanges, Halloween parties
Consultant: Ms. Wong Kit Cheng (legislator, alumna)
Debate Club

Aims and objectives:

Promote the spirit of debate and enhance students’ critical thinking, debate and language skills; provide a platform for students to interact with and emulate one other; organize regular internal training and participate in various types of debate competitions.

Year of establishment: 2005
Featured activities:   Debate workshops, Kiang Wu Cup Freshmen Friendly Debate Competition
Mentor:  Ms. Li Xiang (Lecturer)
Glory of Care

Aims and objectives: 

Raise the awareness of HIV/AIDS among the youth through peer education, lectures and activities; achieve a better understanding and prevention of HIV/AIDS among the youth; raise public concern and support towards HIV/AIDS carriers through various activities. Gain an understanding of the situation of HIV/AIDS in different places and share the experience of HIV/AIDS prevention through exchanges and visits.

Year of establishment:   2005
Featured activities:   World AIDS Day series, visits to AIDS orphanage in Guangxi, China 
Mentor:    Ms.Wong Choi I (Alumnus)
First-aid Team

Aims and objectives:

Promote students’ awareness of emergency and rescue services through first-aid training; enhance students’ abilities to cope with crisis and emergency.

Year of establishment:  January, 2009
Featured activities: First-aid competitions, first-aid training workshops
Mentor: Mr. Wong Ka Kit (Lecturer)
Aims and objectives:

Organize performances on and off campus; foster a musical atmosphere within the College; broaden students’ musical horizons and nourish students’ music literacy and cultivate noble feelings.

Year of establishment: February, 2006
Featured activity:  Campus singing star contest
Mentor: Mr. Tang Chan U
Sports Club

Aims and objectives:

Enhance the physical well-being and team spirit among teachers and students through sports activities; develop students' interests and potential in sports; raise the sports standards and foster the spirit of sportsmanship and friendship between faculty and students; and provide students with the opportunity to relax their mind and body from stress of studies.

Year of establishment: 2007
Featured activity: Getting Stronger – Race Round Guia Trail
Mentor:  Mr. Sit Ka Fai (Alumnus)
Society of Elderly Health Promotion

Aims and objectives: 

Through various health promotion activities, promote knowledge of health care and self-care to elders in the community, and act as advocates for disease prevention and healthy elders, so that the elderly stay healthy in their later years.

Year of establishment: 2006
Featured activities: The Health Check Day for the Elderly, Health Talks for the Elderly
Mentor:    Mr. Hong KamWai (Alumnus)
English Club

Aims and objectives: 

Through workshops, competitions, and activities to improve students’ English ability to facilitate future integration with international standards; improve students’ English ability in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and act in line with the College's "Biliteracy and Trilingualism" education philosophy.

Year of establishment: 2006
Featured activities: English Day、English Corner
Mentor:  Ms. Ao Ka Meng (Alumnus)