Teaching & Learning

With the solemn ceremony of cap conferment, the holy mission of nursing students is consolidated. The ceremony is to encourage students, particularly the third year students who are going to enter the full-year clinical placement in their fourth year of studies, to apply the knowledge and theories they have acquired to clinical practice to elevate service quality and carry forward the College’s nursing spirit of “From Personhood to Benevolence”. It is also hoped that the younger generations will be motivated to join the nursing profession or other nursing specialty services to serve the rapidly developing society and to strengthen their professional capacity. Furthermore, while promoting their moral conduct, students can foster their creativity and dedication, and become the dynamic force to promote and develop the community. At the ceremony, nursing students receive the nursing cap and a burning candle conferred by their senior professionals, signifying that they profess to keep alive the Nightingale spirit, to be united in the nursing force, to insist continuous learning, to be ever improving and to be quality nurses striving for offering the best nursing services to the human race.