Teaching & Learning



Introduction to the educational philosophy of “From Personhood to Benevolence”
Introduce the freshmen to the educational goals and philosophy of KWNC, which are important for them to become good nurses.

Introduction to the information system of KWNC

Introduce the freshmen to the information support systems related to their study as well as other aspects, and familiarize them with the people who render those services.

Library tour

Introduce the freshmen to the library resources and familiarize them with how to search literature and information useful for their study.

The role of a nursing student

Share with the freshmen the real-life experience of a nurse so that they can understand the meaning and their role of being a nurse.
Footprint of Kiang Wu-Visit to Kiang Wu History Memorial Hall
Since KWNC is an affiliated institution under Kiang Wu Charitable Association, it is important that its students have a good knowledge of the history, culture and past work of the Association.
Introduction to Programme Definitive Document and Student Handbook of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Programme
Through the Programme Definitive Document and Student Handbook, the freshmen can plan their learning in advance and take on the possible challenges they will face in their studies.
Through the Freshers Orientation Programme, the BE-Centre aims to give the freshmen a general picture of the programme they are going to study, and prepare them for the College life as well as their professional development.