Teaching & Learning

LI Tie (Alumna of 11th Session)

After graduation in 1944 and having participated in the anti-Japanese guerrilla, alumna Li continued with medical studies in Shandong Medical University and Beijing Medical University. She then completed two PhD degrees in Soviet Union and worked at Shandong University and Jinan University in China. Loving her motherland and alma mater for all her life, Li has returned to her alma mater to open in-service training programmes for nurses since the 1980’s, which then created the culture of in-service training and continuing studies among nurses. 


LAM Keng Fong (Alumna of 12th Session)

Alumna Lam graduated in 1947 and started contributing in the development of New China with former College President Ke Lin in 1951. In 1953, Lam studied Public Health major in Zhongnan Tongji Medical College (now named Huazhong University of Science and Technology). In 1982, she continued her studies in Public Health in Belgium; after having been conferred the master’s degree she returned to China for her education career and became the first generation of Medical Statistics in New China. Lam retired in 1991, but then returned to work for Kiang Wu Hospital of Macao and later at her alma mater to continue with educating nursing talents and teachers. Lam, now lives in Wuhan, who still shows great concern about the development of her school and Macao, is an Honorary Professor of the College.


LEUNG Pui Chun (Alumna of 16th Session)

Graduated in 1951, alumna Leung was once nurse for Marshal Ye Jianying, Pujie and their families. She has also worked on health care works for the Hong Kong Basic Law Drafting Committee. She emphasizes that Macao was the starting line of her life, and the Hospital Kiang Wu Nursing and Midwifery School of Macau was the place that enlightened her with her revolutionary thoughts. Alumna Lam has made a lot of contributions to China and is a role model to nurses. She has been serving in the nursing profession all her life relieving patients’ pain and spreading love with her kindheartedness. LEUNG now lives in Beijing, and is still greatly concern about the development of her school and Macao.


LEI Sut Peng (Alumna of 35th Session)
Alumna Lei was awarded “Outstanding Nurse” by Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff in 2015. The Association organized the "Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Outstanding Nurse Election" with the aim to commend nurses with outstanding performance. Lei is one of the nursing paradigms in Macao and was awarded "Outstanding Nurse" together with two other nurses from Macao. Lei started working for KWNC in 1974 on teaching and administrative affairs and retired in 2011. She has witnessed the development and improvement of the College. 


FOK Wai Lan (Alumna of 38th Session)
Alumna Fok Wai Lan graduated in 1971, she studied part-time while working, and was conferred Bachelor's degree in Nursing from the University of Ballarat, Australia and Master's degree in Public Administration from Macau University of Science and Technology.Fok is the former assistant director and head of nursing department of Kiang Wu Hospital. Over the years, Fok has been changed from the role of frontline nurse to senior management, she understands the hard working of frontline nurses very well. She has a humanistic approach to management, insists on patient-centered care, strives to promote nursing professional development, promotes nursing research and plays a leading role in improving nursing quality assurance. To solve clinical nursing problems, Fok has a global perspectives on nursing development, focuses on patient safety and evidence-based nursing, as to promote globalization and standardization in nursing. Fok put much effort into the training of specialist nurses. Three nurse-led clinics in a variety of specialties have been set up, including Diabetes, Cardiology and Midwifery, which is a significant step on the development of specialist and advanced nursing.


LAO Wan U (Alumna of 41st Session)
Alumna Lao Wan U was graduated from the Kiang Wu Nursing and Midwifery School in 1975. In 2011, she was conferred Doctoral’s degree in Applied Psychology from South China Normal University. In 2014, she obtained the qualification of International Psychology Analyst candidate. 

Lao has been working as a nurse for twenty-nine years, and is now a Chief Nurse working at Psychiatry Department at Centro Hospitalar Conde de São Januário. Lao is enthusiastic about learning and helping others. She set up the “Association of Specialized Nurses of Macau” and “Chinese Federation for Analytical Psychology of Macau” with a team devoted to social services. In 2012, she took part in organizing "The Fifth International Conference of Analytical Psychology & Chinese Culture". In the same year, she was authorized to formed a Macau Developing Group of International Association for Analytical Psychology. With the help of global professionals, develop training opportunities for potential international psychology analysts in Macau, as to increase the level of psychiatric mental health nursing.


CHAN Weng Sai (Alumna of 45th Session,Graduate of MNS Programme Class of 2010)
Chan Weng Sai was graduated from the Kiang Wu Nursing and Midwifery School in 1979. In 2013, she completed the Master of Nursing Science Programme and was awarded the Postgraduate Scholarship and the Graduate Award of Excellence. 

She currently works as the director of the nursing department in Conde S. Januário Hospital and has professional experience in medical nursing, emergency nursing and community nursing. During the outbreak of "SARS" and the pandemic of "H1N1", Chan Weng Sai took the lead to set up the isolation wards in the community and took various actions in fighting against diseases. In 2008, she achieved the first position to be promoted to be the charge nurse due to abundant working experience in the hospital, community and dealing with sudden public affairs. Chan Weng Sai further led her team to promote nursing research and establish nurse-led clinics on "diabetes control" and "smoking cessation". In line with the "EQuIP5 for Day Procedure Centres Standards" underwent by the Macau Community Health Centers, Chan Weng Sai participated in the working groups on "Clinical Services" and "Medication Safety", which included writing working guidelines, auditing projects, evaluating performances, conducting user satisfaction surveys and amending relative reports. She took the initiative to bring a continuous improvement in the quality of care via evidence-based methods and successfully achieved the accreditation of the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) in 2014. 


CHAN I Seong (Alumna of 47th Session)

Alumna Chan I Seong, graduated from Kiang Wu Nursing and Midwifery School of Macau in 1981, is now working Centro Hospitalar Conde de São Januário. In December 2014 she received the Medal of Merit – Philanthropy on behalf of the department of Oncologia (Hospital de Dia) from the Macao SAR Government.Ever since her work in the Hospital in 1993, Ms Chan has witnessed the painful occurrences of life and death between patients and their families and felt deeply the need of Macau residents in death education and related support from the government. Therefore she made suggestions in the local newspaper in 2008 that the SAR Government should set up a cancer resource centre (Centro de Recursos para Doentes Oncologicos), which was finally founded in 2011. Because of her work in the hospital, she noticed that patients needed all-rounded care, namely, physically and mentally, so she spent her spare time visiting the sick to encourage them and their families to face cancer positively together. In view of her own limited manpower, she divided these patients into different groups so they had more interaction among themselves. In 2014 she helped establish an association of cancer patients to promote peer support and help and from their families, and called for more concerns from the public about cancer and cancer patients by organising talks and seminars.


NG In I (Alumna of 65th Session,Graduate of PDAN Programme Class of 2008)
Alumna Ng In I graduated in 1998 and is now working as an advanced nurse specialist in Kiang Wu Hospital. After completing the PDAN programme, Ng has set up an outpatient specialty nursing department in the Diabetes Prevention Centre in Kiang Wu Hospital and has made significance achievements in promoting the development of specialty nursing in Macao. In July 2015, she was awarded 1st prize in the first preliminary contest on "Cases of Diabetic Foot Wounds" in Hunan Province, China.


WONG Kit Cheng (Graduate of Higher Diploma in Nursing Programme Class of 2000)

Alumna Wong joined Kiang Wu Hospital after graduation, has worked in Cardiac, Surgery, Pediatrics and General Departments. She studied part-time while working, and was conferred Bachelor's degree in Nursing from the Hong Kong Polytechnic Institute and Master's degree in Applied Psychology from South China Normal University. She has been participating in association works for a decade and is now the Vice-Chairman of the Women's General Association of Macao. Alumna Wong was elected a member of the present session of Macao's Legislative Assembly in 2013, 2017 and 2021. As an assembly member with nursing background, she not only adopts characteristics of professionalism, responsibility and sympathy into nursing works, but also applies them to assembly meetings and social works. She is dedicated in pushing the Government to improve people's livelihood, to uphold the rights and interests of women and children, and to promote reform and enhancement of local medical standards.


WONG Chi Wa (Graduate of BSN Programme Class of 2002, PDAN Programme Class of 2008  and MNS Programme Class of 2010)

Alumnus Wong was awarded ‘Outstanding Nurse’ by Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff in 2015. The Association organized the "Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Outstanding Nurse Election" with the aim to commend nurses with outstanding performance. Wong is one of the nursing paradigms in Macao and was awarded "Outstanding Nurse"; together with two other nurses from Macao. After graduation from KWNC, Wong pursued further studies and was conferred Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Nursing and master’s degree in Nursing Science successively. Wong now works for Kiang Wu Hospital as Nursing Supervisor of Nursing Department. He also works as an adjunct lecturer for the College and was awarded the Best Nursing Preceptor Award.