Theme: ICN Scope of Nursing Role
Speaker: Dr. Judith Shamian, President of ICN
Date: 2 February 2015
Dr. Shamian introduced to participants the structure, operation, core value, network and ethics of the International Council of Nurses (ICN). Her rich experiences as a nurse and her works in the ICN were also shared. When talking about here involvement in ICN, Dr. Shamian emphasized the power of “impact”, that participants should consider whether their acts exert impact on their works including nursing care, community service and scientific research in order to push forward and make contributions to the profession. Also, she encouraged students to endeavour to become leaders in guiding the world to concern about health care and to join the profession. Of which, she has made three recommendations: (1) concern about community, (2) participate in politics, and (3) go global. At the end of the talk, students were very enthusiastic in exchanging ideas with Dr. Shamian and asked questions including tips to become a successful nurse, skills to get in touch with patients for the first time and the importance of leadership to nurses, etc. Dr. Shamian responded that nurses have to build solid knowledge foundation while acquiring skills to apply the knowledge to provide the most appropriate nursing care. However, nursing work is not just a task; it involves interaction, sincerity, sympathy and communication with clients. She also emphasized that each nursing personnel is acting as a leader in guiding his/her patient to regain a healthy life, therefore students are encouraged to take part in more leadership training. Lastly, she encouraged students to take part in the “ICN International Conference 2015” which is going to take place in June in Seoul Korea this year.