Theme: Advanced Practice – Paediatric Nursing Roles
Speaker: Professor Patricia Jackson Allen, Yale University School of Nursing
Date: 24 October 2014
Professor Allen introduced the career development of advanced practice nurses in the United States by presenting abundant photos and demonstrating the example of her own career development. She mentioned that the training programme of advanced practice nurse has developed from a four-month programme in 1960 to today’s doctoral programme. The number of advanced practice nurses keeps on increasing in recent years, gradually showing the significance of advanced nursing practice. She also shared with the audience the health assessment techniques for children and adolescents, and introduced the roles of advanced practice nurses in health promotion, disease prevention and health education. Professor Allen emphasized that nursing personnel should lay equal importance on children’s physical and mental development. Through performing detection, assessment and screening as well as offering body check to preschool and school children, potential health problems can be spotted at an early stage and the children or adolescents concerned can be referred to specialist departments for treatment. Approaching the end of the lecture, Professor Allen pointed out the difference between advanced practice nurses and doctors where the former not only take up the role of nurses, but also deploy doctors’ techniques and are able to address patients’ caring needs in a better way.