Exploration and Experience Sharing on Life Education for Nursing

Theme: Exploration and Experience Sharing on Life Education for Nursing
Speaker: Chair Professor Lee Tze Fan, Director of the Nethersole School of Nursing of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Date: 15 October 2012
Professor Lee introduced the definition and significance of life education and nursing education, and manifested that life education is an indispensable element of nursing education. Life education covers a spectrum of topics related to life. It aims at improving people’s spiritual health, allowing people to explore the significance and value of life, build up a noble character, develop a positive outlook on value and life, learn to respect and cherish their life and enhance their ability of facing adversity. Similarly, aside from imparting students the professional knowledge and skills in nursing, nursing education attaches great importance to cultivating students’ humanistic inner beauty, enhancing their characters and assisting them in developing a correct belief towards life. As a result, Professor Lee believed that life education plays a significant role in executing and evaluating nursing education. Professor Lee also shared some ways of integrating life education with nursing education, including role plays, general education, overseas exchanges and studies, and discussions on social issues. Moreover, Professor Lee emphasized that teachers play an important role in implementing life education for nursing. The convergence of life education and nursing education does not only rely on one single contributor, but the integration of three important ones – teachers, students and clinical study.