“The voice of campus 2019 – STAR’S Pulse” drew to a satisfactory close


  • Guest performers and the winners

  • Group Photo

  • “The voice of campus 2019 – STAR’S Pulse” (Solo)_ Ho Sok Man – Thief of Time

Ip Ka Hei, Ho Sok Man, Lei Hou Hin won 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place respectively. Meanwhile, Ip Ka Hei took the "Best Stage Presence Award". 

"The voice of campus 2019 – STAR'S Pulse" was hosted by the Choir of KWNCSU, sponsored by Higher Education Fund, and the competition ended satisfactorily on 16th April, 2019. The theme of this session was "Star's Puls", which means that students can gather together to sing like stars.

The final 8 participants gained recognition from the judges at the preliminary competition, and stood out from other candidates. In the final, there were two selections (solo and chorus), the champion and "Best Stage Presence Award" of this year both went to Ip Ka Hei; Ho Sok Man won the first runner-up, and Lei Hou Hin won the third place. Every candidate had a beautiful voice and caught all the audience's breaths away and were well-reputed by the judges!

Local artist Elise (Lei Hio Wai), Bill (Leong Kin Pong), Cheong U Man, Kelvin (Pak Tong Shen) were invited as the judges and guest performers. The artists' performance made the competition more enjoyable.

Final Contestants and Entry Songs


1. Ip Ka Hei 

2. Lei Hou Hin 

3. Hui Nok Hang 

4. Ho Sok Man 

5. Loi Pui Weng 

6. Lou Lai Meng 

7. Chu Hou In 

8. Loi Hio Wa –  BB88

魚仔 (He-R)

–  你就不要想起我 (You Better Not Think About Me)

–  歲月神偷 (Thief of Time)

–  陌生人 (Stranger)

–  失落沙州 (Lost Desert)

–  你一定要幸福 (You Must Be Happy)

–  昨天 (Yesterday)


1. Ip Ka Hei & Lei Hou Hin – 每天愛你多一些 (In my heart)

2. Hui Nok Hang & Ho Sok Man – 雨蝶

3. Loi Pui Weng & Lou Lai Meng – 梁山伯與茱麗葉

4. Chu Hou In & Loi Hio Wa – 羅賓