“2019 Senior Citizens Health Check Day” demonstrates students’ respect for older adults


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  • Help the public to measure their blood pressure

Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) Elderly Health Promotion Sub-club of Students’ Union held “2019 Senior Citizens Health Check Day” at a leisure zone in Edf. Lok Yeong Fa Yuen on Saturday, 2nd November 2019. Through various activities, the sub-club hoped the public would know more about their own health, thus effective disease prevention could be achieved.

The activities featured on the day involved blood pressure and Body Mass Index (BMI) measurements, and game booths. Even older persons’ simulation suit was offered to teenagers to wear, which could let youngsters experience daily life of older people, consequently “harmony between youngsters and older persons and intergenerational care” could be attained. Students participated in this event shown enthusiasm in caring for senior citizens. Through the interaction between the students and older adults, a beautiful picture of intergenerational communication was depicted. The education philosophy of KWNC (from Personhood to Benevolence) was upheld in the whole activity, cultivating nursing talents and virtuous teenagers who knew how to respect senior citizens. In the interaction with older adults, not only the virtue of respecting older people was nurtured, yet also through designing health promotional games, older people were helped to live in a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, Ng Wai I assistant professor, BSN Programme Leader and Hong Kam Wai, sub-club tutor, attended the event to show their support to the students, and encouraged them to devote their nursing knowledge to the society, as-well-as to demonstrate nursing dedication.

The older adults and citizens who participated were overjoyed, it was also a fruitful event, furthermore, students communicated with them in a sincere and respectful attitude.

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