Sport Club Holds a Dodgeball Competition


  • Sport Club Holds Dodgeball Competition

  • Champion: BSN2018

  • Second place: BSN2017

  • Third place: BSN2019

Sport Club of Students’ Union of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNCSU) Sub-club held a dodgeball competition at Pavilhão Desportivo da Escola Luso-Chinesa Técnico-Profissional on 3rd October 2020 with the aim to promote the knowledge and skills of playing dodgeball, and enhance students’ interests. Moreover, Sport Club hoped that the matches could strengthen the friendships between all the team members and students, achieve a sense of belonging at KWNC, encourage teamwork and broaden experiences. Moreover, through this event, students’ stress was relieved, physical and mental health were maintained, positive team attitudes were cultivated. Athletes worked together on the day, and the atmosphere was enthusiastic. College staff also participated to cheer up students, which foster closer relationships between them.

The following are the winners:

Champion BSN2018

Second place BSN2017

Third place BSN2019